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The elusive and “notorious” Ruth Bader Ginsburg was finally videotaped Saturday night as she exited the Broadway show, “What The Constitution Means To Me.”

Cast member Thursday Williams was delighted to have both Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor in the audience. She tweeted:

“Dreams do really come through!!”

Justice Ginsburg even was honored with a standing ovation when one of her most famous quotes was uttered from the stage, “When will there be enough women on the court? My answer is, when there are nine.”

So many people in the audience were shocked at finally getting a glimpse of Ginsburg that the production quickly devolved into “a circus.”

“I was just at the performance of What The Constitution Means To Me that was attended by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it was an incredible circus,” Charles Haugland posted.

Instead of appearing in person at this year’s Second Circuit Judicial Conference, she sent her pre-planned remarks. They could have been done by her staff. The mainstream media fanned the controversy flames by “pretending” that she actually made an appearance.

If a Broadway show appearance wasn’t enough for the 86-year-old, she also won an award for the “best real-life hero” on Monday night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Ginsburg edged out what CNN calls “some major competition,” Beating “rock climber Alex Honnold, comedian Hannah Gadsby, wrestler Roman Reigns and tennis superstar Serena Williams.” It’s hard to imagine RBG beating Serena Williams at anything.

The award was handed to Ginsburg for the 2018 bio-documentary done by CNN, called “RBG,” — not her recent album, “Notorious RBG In Song.”

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