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The controversy surrounding the curiously absent “notorious RBG” gained even more traction on Friday when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was conspicuously absent from this year’s Second Circuit Judicial Conference.

Instead of appearing in person, she sent a 36 page PDF file of her pre-planned remarks which could have been prepared entirely by her staff. The mainstream media is only feeding the controversy by pretending that she made an appearance.

You won’t find any photos or videos of the proceedings. The media claims that is simply because they were closed to the press. However one would expect that with all the paparazzi trying to get a live Ginsburg sighting, someone would have noticed her arrival or departure if she did attend.

It’s interesting to see the way liberal mainstream news outlets slant the coverage to mislead people into believing that Ginsburg is alive and doing just fine. She probably is alive, and probably working, but what this really suggests is that her health is nowhere as good as everyone keeps assuring.

For instance, in their article titled, “Justice Ginsburg warns the court may be sharply divided over final cases,” CNN makes it sound like she was standing at the podium:

“…Ginsburg warned on Friday that the court is likely to be sharply divided …”

“Her comments to the Second Circuit Judicial Conference in New York…”

“‘Speculators about the outcome note that last year, in Trump v. Hawaii, the court upheld the so-called ‘travel ban,’ in an opinion granting great deference to the executive,’ Ginsburg said…” — “Said,” not “wrote.”

There are many similar examples in just that one article. She “warned,” and “said (seven times),” “made it clear,” “did not reveal,” “hinted,” “compared,” “called,” “noted (twice),” “lamented,” and “praised.” Not once does it mention her remarks were exclusively on paper.

Then CNN tries to dodge on why nobody has any pictures of her being there.

“The speech was closed to the press, but the court released a copy of Ginsburg’s remarks.”

They imply that she was there but the press couldn’t get in to see her, so they handed out a copy of the speech she delivered. They don’t say that the court released the remarks she mailed in to the conference.

The CNN Article concludes with only one brief mention of her health — a reassurance that she only missed “oral arguments,” which are live court hearings, while she was recuperating from cancer surgery.

What this strongly suggests, is that Ginsburg, if she is working at all and not just letting her staff handle things, is mostly working from home and in no shape to make any kind of public appearance.

The public would not be nearly so interested in this type of “conspiracy theory,” as the liberals would call it, if it weren’t for a recent incident where she has been accused of using a body double in public.

As Trump Times pointed out earlier this month:

“Just before this year’s state of the union speech, rumors were swirling that Justice Ginsburg was secretly dead. Then on February 4, Ginsburg made a surprise appearance at a concert to commemorate her life and career. The show performed at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, ‘Notorious RBG in Song,’ was based on an album with a matching title produced by Patrice Michaels, her daughter-in-law.”

Many people speculated on social media at the time, that the person who went on stage was an imposter.

“The appearance didn’t convince everyone that Ginsburg was still kicking. After Washington Post writer Robert Barnes reported sighting her in public, the controversy only got hotter. As the Chicago Tribune notes, ‘Photos were not allowed at the event, so one of the doubters emailed Barnes 21 questions about Ginsburg’s appearance — the size of her security detail, what gender they were, for example — telling Barns that if he did not answer every single one of them, then it was a sign his article was not to be believed.’

Trump Times wishes Ginsburg a long, happy and productive life, but the obvious cover up of her failing health needs to be exposed. It shows the very real possibility that something liberals are horrified of could actually happen, allowing President Donald Trump to appoint a rare third Justice to the Supreme Court.

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