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Virtually anyone who considers themselves politically right of the center line is already convinced that George Soros is a vile, evil man. The country he was born in, Hungary has declared him “enemy number one.” Radical socialist progressives love him.

Of course, Mike Rudin was very careful to point out that there is absolutely no hard evidence to prove the specific and individual accusations against Mr. Soros, but he also admits that there is no way to disprove the allegations either.

According to Michael Ignatieff, the president and rector of the Central European University that Soros founded,”The Orban government has decided to make Mr Soros public enemy number one.”

Hungary’s Viktor Orban won by a landslide after a rousing anti-Soros speech. “We are fighting an enemy that is different from us. Not open but hiding. Not straightforward but crafty. Not honest but unprincipled. Not national but international.” George Soros, Orban insists, feels he “owns the whole world.”

George Soros is so well known as a key player on the extreme left that it was no surprise when he got one of the dozen packages addressed to top ranking Democrats with a “six-inch plastic pipe, a small clock, a battery, wiring and a black powder.” None of the packages exploded.

Before the facts were in, speculation was wild. The whole episode smelled so fishy it had to be a false flag. Even if Soros wasn’t behind it, his known reputation made him such a plausible candidate it was easy to picture him as the wizard behind the curtain. The President condemned what he called the “despicable acts.” When an audience member shouted “Soros! Lock him up!” Rudin notes, “the president seemed amused.” He didn’t respond directly though.

It turned out the man who mailed the bombs was a complete nut, and he did lean right. He would have benefited from some closer mental health attention, but Cesar Sayoc was convinced “George Soros was the one behind everything, he was the one buying the whole Democratic Party, he was the epicenter of what is going wrong in the United States of America.” Just because you’re paranoid does not mean that everyone isn’t out to get you. There is a core of truth in his fears.

Sayoc is not alone in thinking that exact thing about Soros. And it’s not just Americans either. Soros is hated all over the world. Rudin asks, “so how did George Soros come to be regarded by so many as the evil mastermind at the heart of a global conspiracy?”

After he left Hungary, Soros made around $44 billion “through financial speculation.” He started a constant flow of cash to support his every socialist open-border whim. He called his global web the Open Society Foundations. OSF now operates “in more than 120 countries around the world.” He managed to stay below the radar until the 1990’s

The Hungarian government spent 100 million euros “on a media campaign warning voters not to let Soros ‘have the last laugh.’” They even have “Stop Soros” laws.

In 1992 he made a quick billion bucks when he “broke the Bank of England.” He borrowed British pounds and sold them in such volume it helped “to drive down the price of sterling on currency markets and ultimately forcing the UK to crash out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism.”

In 2003, he came entirely out of the shadows and started throwing millions and millions of dollars at the Democratic Party. By 2017, his methods of busing radicals to rallies and allegedly hauling people from polling location to polling location in elections, to commit voter fraud by voting more than once, were well gossiped.

In August of that year, a right-wing rally went out of control when Antifa protesters allegedly funded indirectly by Soros were injured by a car driven by a so-called “white supremacist.” There was lots of speculation that the whole thing was a Soros-engineered set-up to cast the right in a bad light.

Alex Jones claimed Brennan Gilmore, who filmed the car being driven into the liberals “was paid $320,000 a year by Soros and was part of a deep-state coup to oust the president.” Rudin admits that “it’s true that Soros gave $500,000 to the political campaign of Tom Perriello.” Coincidentally, Gilmore worked for Perriello.

The infamous “migrant caravans” coming up from Central America are also connected to Soros. Former Rep. Jack Kingston points out, “It is a very organized effort and somebody is behind this, somebody is paying for some of this and it would be typical of George Soros to get involved in that.”

President Trump re-tweeted a video showing cash being handed out to migrants and suggesting “the cash might have come from Soros.” A reporter followed up and trump replied, “I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of people say yes.”

In Turkey, Prime Minister Erdogan accused Soros of “being at the heart of a Jewish conspiracy to ‘divide’ and ‘shatter’ Turkey and other nations. Italy’s former deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini “accused him of wanting to fill the country with migrants because ‘he likes slaves.'”

Britain’s Nigel Farage insists Soros is “actively encouraging people to flood Europe and in many ways is the biggest danger to the entire Western World.” Hungary is the only nation on the planet, so far, to go on the attack against Soros and his evil intentions.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban “claims that Soros has a secret plot to flood Hungary with migrants and destroy their nation.” The Hungarian government spent 100 million euros “on a media campaign warning voters not to let Soros ‘have the last laugh.'” They even have “Stop Soros” laws. In Hungary, it’s illegal to provide illegal immigrants with aid and they slap taxes on non-profits for “promoting migration.”

“There’s a lot of money going into the Soros empire, billions of dollars for the past couple of decades and years,” government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs relates. “Now that’s a lot of money, and nobody can be as naive as to believe that that money goes without weight and goes without any intention.”

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