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The streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, “erupted into one big party,” CNN writes. Residents ecstatically celebrated the long awaited news of Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation “with fireworks, drumming, music and cheering.”

The celebration isn’t expected to last very long. Ricky’s lawful successor, Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez, isn’t any more popular with the crowd than he is.

One protester’s sign reads “Wanda, we don’t want you either.” Shouts of “Wanda, you’re next!” can be heard.

“I’m really, really, really, really happy, but I know we need to stay right here, screaming,” grins Julie Rivera.

Something should have been done about all the rampant corruption 20 years ago, but the citizens had become too complacent.

“Before, people would sit and watch TV and complain or do nothing,” explains García Coll.

That was before Hurricane Maria in 2017. When the lights went out and nobody seemed in any big hurry to get them back on, the natives started getting restless.

Without television for month after month, community organizer Coll notes, things are a lot different. “People are not sitting in front of their TVs anymore. That’s the difference. I call it a peaceful revolution.”

Rosselló has been enduring the sometimes violent protests for 12 days in a row but kept insisting he was not going to quit.

Half a million angry people picked up their torches and pitchforks when 889 pages of text messages between Rosselló and his inner circle cronies were exposed.

When they started impeachment proceedings on Wednesday, he knew his career was going down in flames one way or another.

Lawmakers established grounds for impeachment when the president of Puerto Rico’s Bar Association released a report on Wednesday, detailing evidence of five possible crimes.

Rosselló will likely be indicted on “illegal misuse of public office for personal gain, embezzlement, negligence as pertaining to fulfilling the duties of public office and violations of the government ethics law”

Not daring to face the crowd in person, he went on Facebook instead, just before midnight. The Governor promises to have his desk cleaned out by 5:00 p.m. a week from Friday, on August 2.

“To continue in this position would make it difficult for the success that I have achieved to endure,” Rosselló admits.

Political leaders are “scrambling” Reuters reports to pick his replacement. They are kicking around some names other than Vázquez, because they admit she “was too close to the disgraced governor.”

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“Whoever it is, it can’t be someone in Ricky’s inner circle or close to his government,” an inside source claims. “It has to be someone from the outside.”

One of the leading contenders is Pedro Pierluisi, who used to represent the island in the U.S. Congress.

Investors are thrilled at the turn of events and bond markets are already improving. “This kind of helps to eliminate some of the rampant corruption that plagued the commonwealth for decades,” Portfolio manager Shaun Burgess explained.

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