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Takila Carpenter wasn’t the best person for this particular smuggling job. What she did is nothing less than felonious stupidity.

The 33-year-old from Murfreesboro, Tennessee was obviously a toke or two over the line as she drove a rented U-Haul truck through the conservative town of Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

As she made an illegal turn across two lanes of traffic in the small mid-west community, she caught the eye of Deputy Colton Goff. He noticed she didn’t even bother to use her turn signal.

She pulled over without fuss and as the Deputy approached the vehicle, the aroma of dank skunk could be smelled from several feet away. As he put it in his report, he “immediately smelled a strong odor of burning marijuana.”

When he casually asked about the smell, the driver grinned and passed him her joint. “Here, you can have the rest.” She was being particularly generous. Without saying she was trying to bribe an officer or anything, she offered him the rest of her weed. As long as he didn’t search the truck.

Guess what. He put her in cuffs and searched the truck. With a dog.

Fido didn’t take long to wag his tail and start salivating for his cut of the goods. According to Deputy Goff, “the dog obtained a positive alert for drugs.”

There were two duffel bags right up in the front seat and floor board “with about 37 pounds of meth.”

That was a serious buzz-kill for Carpenter. She was charged with suspicion of aggravated trafficking of Controlled Dangerous Substances and held without bail as of Friday morning.

Sheriff Larry Lane is proud of Deputy Goff. “He did a great job as always, he is a very professional and proactive deputy and has made several large seizures of drugs, money and guns.” Chances are that he never had a bust this big and this easy.

“The street value of this meth load was approximately 1 million dollars.” Whoever was stupid enough to put Carpenter behind the wheel in the first place is now out a million bucks.

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