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Thank God that nobody was injured when a house-sized boulder came loose and tumbled right across a Colorado highway recently. Instead of removing or blasting it, the state will save taxpayers some money, while creating a “tourist attraction” at the same time.

Colorado officials announced on Wednesday that they can save somewhere around $200,000 by not demolishing the 8.5 million pound rock.

Instead, they will rebuild the highway right next to where it finally landed, and call the site “Memorial Rock,” because it decided to go for a roll over Memorial Day weekend.

The stone tumbled into the history books on May 24, as the “largest rock in a rockslide” when it thundered across Higway 145, in the vicinity of Dolores, Colorado, which is in the Southwestern corner of the state.

Even though they are saving some money with this creative solution, repairing the road, adding a guardrail and cleaning up the mess will still have a pricetag of around 1.3 million.

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