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The Hill reported late Thursday that they were shown a memo from senate staffers, updating the progress of a two-committee investigation into how Hillary Clinton managed to score a get out of jail free card.

Both Republican senators are chairmen of powerful oversight committees.

The memo suggests that there may be something going on behind the scenes over at the Justice Department, that could mean that the Clinton investigation is grinding along in the background.

The senators are mad that Attorney General William Barr isn’t talking to them, but he might not be legally allowed to right now. Even if he’s legally allowed he may be afraid of leaks, like the memo that just leaked to the Hill.

Chuck Grassley of Iowa is Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson heads up the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Together, they have been demanding answers to the same questions ever since Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s final report came out in October of 2018.

Even though Barr promised to respond to their classified letter, when newly appointed, no answer was provided. The senators asked him again in April, so, by now, the silence seems suspicious to democrats. Whatever the reason for the Justice Department foot-dragging, the questions about Hillary’s FBI fan club won’t go away.

James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok should have accessed “highly classified” evidence but they didn’t. If they had, Clinton might be behind bars today. Agents digging into the matter had their hands tied by not having information that they needed.

They knew it existed, and considered the sensitive evidence as “necessary” to complete the investigation. They just weren’t allowed to look at it. To the top FBI officials, pinning collusion charges on Donald Trump was a much higher priority than digging up dirt on Hillary Clinton.

As exposed by the Hill, in 2016, crucial evidence was buried by the FBI brass, “even though the agents believed access to the sensitive evidence was ‘necessary’ to complete the investigation into Clinton’s improper transmission of classified emails — some top-secret — on her unsecure private email server.”

As the memo spells out, The inspector general’s “appendix raised a number of serious questions because, as explained on page 154 of the unclassified DOJ IG report, the FBI decided not to seek access to certain highly classified information potentially relevant to the investigation despite members of the FBI case team referring to the review as a ‘necessary’ part of the investigation.”

The original draft of then Director James Comey’s “findings” determined that Hillary’s “transmission of classified emails through an unsecure server was ‘grossly negligent.'” That would be a felony under the Espionage Act. Comey and his minions, including Peter Strzok, who is attributed with making the change in wording, watered it down so that Hillary could skate away clean. They decided she was simply “extremely careless.”

Comey then took it upon himself to announce the decision in a press conference on July 5, 2016. According to the Inspector General, he wasn’t supposed to do that. He didn’t have the authority. That should have come from his boss, Loretta Lynch, who was still trying to explain why Bill Clinton met with her in 110 degree heat on a Phoenix runway to talk about their grandkids.

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According to IG Horowitz, Comey “had wrongly usurped prosecutors’ authority to make charging decisions.” Another thing that Horowitz learned was that the lawyer representing the FBI as “general counsel,” James Baker, was convinced that Clinton should have been charged with a crime, but he let Comey talk him out of it.

The inspector generals report detailed exactly how Strzok and his lover Lisa Page showed obvious anti-Trump bias in their exchanged text messages. He concluded that it was serious enough to affect the FBI’s decision making. They made a decision to hound Donald Trump over Russian collusion with operation “Crossfire Hurricane,” instead of properly finishing up the Clinton “Midyear” probe.

“In assessing the decision to prioritize the Russia investigation over following up on the Midyear-related investigative lead … we were particularly concerned about text messages sent by Strzok and Page that potentially indicated or created the appearance that investigative decisions they made were impacted by bias or improper considerations,” Horowitz reported.

The bottom line here is that the FBI’s lawyer was all set to throw the book at Hillary, the investigators recommended charging her with a felony, then Strzok and Comey let her off the hook, at the exact same time they ramped up what would morph into Robert Mueller’s witch hunt, that came up empty handed in the end.

If William Barr doesn’t have a very good reason for confirming that the buried evidence will see the light soon, you can bet Grassley and Johnson aren’t about to give him a moment’s peace until he does.

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