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Centrist Joe Biden is rapidly losing political ground to party radicals, so he’s going on the attack. With President Donald Trump constantly under fire from the left, Biden saw him as an easy target for a cheap shot. Much safer than taking on Kamala Harris — even after she admitted she really agrees with him on busing.

Biden went on television Friday night to advocate politically incorrect violence for solving personal disputes. At least, when it comes to President Trump. “Trump is the bully that used to make fun when I was a kid that I stutter, and I’d smack him in the mouth,” he told CNN.

Joe’s “old-school” ways are his biggest handicap. He fondly remembers acting with “civility” when dealing with sheet wearing segregationists back in the early years of his career. His latest mortal sin was to oppose the idea of federally mandated busing to achieve school “desegregation.”

“Busing did not work. You had overwhelming response from the African American community in my state — my state is the eighth largest black population in the country, as a percent of population — they did not support it.”

President Trump responded by taking it in stride. “I don’t think I’m a bully at all. I just don’t like being taken advantage of by other countries.”

Trump went on to explain how he’s still cleaning up after the last administration. “I call it the Obama-Biden mess,” he tweeted. “China and other countries that ripped us off for years are begging for him. He deserted our military, our law enforcement and our healthcare. Added more debt than all other Presidents combined. Won’t win!”

“Joe Biden is a reclamation project. Some things are just not salvageable.”

The poll numbers after the first round of Democratic debates show Biden slipping fast, while Kamala Harris is shooting up like a rocket.

Biden admits he was totally unprepared. “I was prepared for them to come after me, but I wasn’t prepared for the person coming at me the way she came out.” That makes voters wonder how fast he’ll cave in to Iran. If Biden gets elected, more cash pallets won’t be far behind.

Fox’s Juan Williams warns it spells “big trouble” for Biden. “He gave the impression he wasn’t ready to be challenged. … If that’s true, boy, that’s big trouble. He should have known as the frontrunner, there were long knives ready for him.”

“That’s how other people are going to rise and challenge him as the frontrunner and that’s exactly what Kamala Harris did, she took command of the stage and that’s the reasons we have seen her jump ahead in the polls.”

Blacks are defecting from the Biden camp in droves. A Reuters/Ipsos poll taken after the debates reveled that “22 percent of adults who identify as Democrats or independents said they supported Biden, down 8 percentage points from a similar poll conducted earlier in June.”

The decline was even more severe among blacks. Biden lost about half of his supporters in the critical voting demographic. He was at 40 percent before the debate and that dropped to 20 percent after.

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The turning point came when Kamala Harris ripped him to shreds on the debate stage. It showed the Democrat base she isn’t afraid to scuffle. As political scientist Christopher Galdieri explains:

“The main thing Democrats want in a candidate is someone who can beat Trump. They’re not looking at the debates so much to hear about their positions on healthcare or the environment. They’re looking for someone who can go head-to-head with Trump.”

A separate Quinnipiac poll shows Harris virtually tied with Biden for the nomination. The poll shows the two neck and neck, with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren trailing by at least 6 points.

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