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A woman, allegedly from California and 60-years-old, was determined to “see them aliens.” According to Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee, “She told us she was going to trespass, it was something she wanted to do, and she walked across.” Apparently the going rate for that is $1,000 as long as you behave otherwise.

“So like some old lady ACTUALLY stormed #area51,” Matthew Carswell tweeted Saturday, along with video. He can be heard noting she was “scooped up by 2 trucks like half a mile in.” Someone else can be overheard saying “she did what everyone said they were going to do but were too chickens#!+ to do. Good on her.”

Two million people RSVP’d for the “Raid Area 51” event but only about 3,000 actually showed up. For the most part they behaved, so the local authorities, who were ready for ten times that number, sent the reinforcements home. A total of three were arrested for trespass. One man was arrested for urinating in public near the Area 51 gate. One person was arrested “for an alcohol-related incident,” and one person was treated for dehydration.

Basically, it was just a wild desert party. “Running through sagebrush in alien costumes and dancing to throbbing club beats as part of a viral online joke bewitched to life.”

For decades, conspiracy theorists have believed that Homey Airbase holds alien corpses on ice and crashed UFO’s to be plundered for their technology. The government claims what they really work on is “experimental aircraft and black project weapon systems.” Not many people believe that.

“They’re hiding something,” said Noah Nelson, 16, who drove from Alberta, Canada. “Maybe it’s aliens.” Or, his 21-year-old brother Austin suggested, “the moon landing set.” Mike Main from Florida was realistic about the whole event. “We just wanted to see people like us.”

Not everyone in the local community was happy about the invasion but one resident, Don Williams, made the best of it and had a blast, mentioning folks came from Massachusetts, even Australia. “I love it.” He put up a little concession stand and made a killing.

Events were widely scattered across the open space of the Nevada desert since Friday. There was music and facilities in two places. Most of the revelers showed up for Alienstock, hosted by the Little A’Le’Inn at Rachel.

A second event near the back gate in Hiko wasn’t as successful, and the entertainment near the Alien Research Center shut down early. That didn’t stop the nearly 300 people who made it all the way to the Alamo Gate. Two men disappeared into the desert near there, and were also reportedly arrested for trespassing and released, with 1,000 fines.

In Rachel, near the Area 51 gate, about 800 gathered in front of the main entrance for the obligatory “Naruto run.” Local police just outside the gates advised, “do not cross that line, and watch out for rattlesnakes.”

The government made it clear that they would not cut anyone any slack if they tried to breech the defenses, but they admit they got a little out of hand when they tweeted that trespassers would be bombed.

Alongside a photo of a B-2 stealth bomber, the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service tweeted “The last thing #Millennials will see if they attempt the #area51raid today.” They deleted the post and issued an apology.

Prostitution is legal in Nevada, and Rachel’s licensed hooker, Alice Little, estimates she’ll pull in a cool $500,000 for the month. By offering 50% off. She’ll have some help though. She runs the local brothel. “I have guests looking to spend entire days, evenings and weekends with me, really diving all the way into this abduction head space where they want to be immersed in it for 48 hours nonstop.”

Advertising an out of this world Area 69 experience, she’s totally into the alien vibe. You can do it doggie style and watch x-files. “I’ve got little lights that I’ve got set up so this way it’s different lighting than standard, I’ve got some alien sound effect type music playing in the background.”

Nearly 3,000 visitors set up tents in the dirt or rented camper spaces for $80 per night. Lots of retirees had their own mobile homes.

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