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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wants to make America more like Venezuela. You have to at least give the man credit for his honesty. If we’re not careful, liberal democrats may elect him to do exactly what he promises he’ll do.

“I suspect that a lot of people in the country would be delighted to pay more in taxes if they had comprehensive health care as a human right.”

Though he sits and votes with Democrats in the Senate, and is running against nearly two dozen Democrats in the left-side progressive primary, Sanders is officially listed as an “Independent.” That isn’t particularly accurate though, because he happens to be a registered, card-carrying member of the Socialist Party.

When reporters ask liberals what the difference is between democrat, progressive, and socialist, each and every one of them gets tongue tied. Bernie sticks to his guns as a hard-core plain-vanilla Socialist. He doesn’t need to sugar coat it with new-speak.

On Wednesday, Sanders unveiled his robbing hood style “Economic Bill of Rights.”

Every single human being who happens to be anywhere on American soil has the right, he believes, to “free health care and education.” Free to the recipient that is, the taxpayer will have to pay through the nose.

Why not, he asks. After all, President Trump subsidizes all those nasty corporations that don’t do anything but put people to work and invest their profits in the economy.

CNN asked Sanders point blank how he’ll respond when Trump starts talking about Venezuela. First, he talks about the “moochers:”

“The United States is the only major country on Earth not to guarantee health care to all people as a right. In many countries in Europe, Germany for one, you go to college and the cost of college is zero. I think in Finland they actually pay you to go to college.”

Then he mentions the “looters:”

“In most countries around the world the level of income and wealth inequality, which in the United States today is worse than at anytime since the 1920s… that level of income and wealth inequality is much less severe than it is right here in the United States.”

Finally, he gets to the “producers:”

“But as you know, the individual and personal tax, are much higher than they are in the United States.”

Not a problem. Sanders “suspects” that “a lot of people in the country would be delighted to pay more in taxes if they had comprehensive health care as a human right.”

He’s used to slipping over the border for a little socialized medicine.

“I live 50 miles away from the Canadian border. You go to the doctor any time you want. You don’t take out your wallet. You have heart surgery, you have a heart transplant, you come out of the hospital, it costs you nothing.”

Wow, no waiting on approval for surgery or anything. Canada must have so many doctors they’re tripping over each other to clear their waiting rooms like they have a magic wand.

“Your kids in many countries around the world can go to the public colleges and universities tuition-free, wages in many cases are higher.”

So the wages are higher, making the tax bite higher. Sounds like the corporations are subsidizing the government that way. It also means not much money left for the companies to expand with either. To keep costs down they won’t be able to hire as many of those expensive workers.

The days of independent responsibility are over, just leave everything to the nanny state, Sanders implores. Instead of Big Brother, today we have less-sinister little sisters. We call them “Alexa,” and “Siri.”

“There is a trade-off, but at the end of the day, I think that most people will believe they going to be better off when their kids have educational opportunities without out-of-pocket expenses, when they have healthcare as a human right, when they have affordable housing, when they have decent retirement security, I think most Americans will understand that is a good deal.”

A good deal as long as nobody realizes the reason that they don’t have any money to actually spend is because life is so darn good.

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