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by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:

In the global, we are watching so many international Summits are happening that focused the international peace in any region in the world. But on the other side there is a rise in the missile development in the world which shows there is no co-relation and a big gap between maintaining peace and the missile development. In the ASIAN SUMMIT recently the world leaders discussed and focused to keep peace in the region. Is the missile development is for peace or a warning????


In the recent, China”s next- generation multi-nuclear warhead intercontinental ballistic missile ability to hit targets “anywhere in the world” may be inducted in to their system early next year, a media report said.

The new missile -Dongfeng-41 pierce its way through the enemy’s missile warning and defense system with a range of at least 12000 kms could strike anywhere in the world from their site.

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Let the people note of this whether missile development is for peace or a warning???

By j.krishna moorthi


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