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Newly unearthed lawsuits against Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg paints a disturbing picture of his misogynistic, racist, and sexually deviant behavior.


The never-before-seen legal briefs were provided to the Washington Post under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and include complaints by a number of women that were followed up by attempts to use ‘Bloomberg Bucks’ to keep them biotches quiet.

In one high-profile complaint among the at least 17 lawsuits filed against Mike Bloomberg, saleswoman Sekiko Sakai Garrison alleged that the vertically challenged sexual deviant engaged in some pretty reprehensible behavior:

  • When told of a male colleague’s impending marriage, Bloomberg suggested to female salespeople, “All of you girls line up to give him [oral sex] as a wedding present.”
  • As we reported earlier Bloomberg’s former saleswoman sued Mike Bloomberg personally as well as his company, alleging workplace discrimination. She alleged Bloomberg told her to “kill it” when he learned she was pregnant.
  • Bloomberg also routinely said in front of his employee’s, “I’d f— that in a second” when he saw certain women.

The lawsuits, which were filed long before the era of #MeToo, undercut Bloomberg’s accusations against President Trump’s supposed vulgar behavior towards women.

Mary Ann Olszewski sued Bloomberg LP in 1996.

Mary Ann Olszewski, a former sales representative claimed that she was drugged and raped by Bloomberg executive Bryan Lewis in his Chicago hotel room.

She also stated that employees from Bloomberg on down engaged in a pattern and practice of “sexual degradation of women”.

Olszewski, who worked as a sales representative, said in her suit that the company “took no steps to prevent or curtail the ongoing sexual harassment of female employees by Michael Bloomberg.”

After Bloomberg was informed of the alleged rape, he later described his response in a deposition.

You can read more of this Bloomberg deposition which was first published by the Village Voice in 2001 HERE

Here’s a few excepts from that June 1998, deposition to show you what kind of sick twisted logic is rattling around in Mike Bloomberg’s miniature noggin.

  • Did you ever form a belief as to the truth of her allegations or Lewis’s denials? My personal belief is that we have an allegation without proof.
  • What would constitute satisfactory proof to you that the allegation was genuine? I guess an unimpeachable third-party witness.
  • Would you require corroborating evidence? If two people say different things and there is no way to ascertain which is telling the truth, my policy would be to tell them both that it was not something we would tolerate, but all we can do is provide separate working environments for the two.
  • Are you aware that even criminal law does not require a rape victim to produce corroborating evidence? I don’t know what the law is. My own morals would require it.
  • Did the company ever consider removing Lewis either to a different floor or a different branch? Not that I know of, and there would be no reason to do so. She was making the allegations, not him. He seemed content with where he was.

According to another 2001 article by the Village Voice, Bloomberg’s company had conducted a lengthy investigation of Olszewski’s sex life while simultaneously launching a joint defense with the accused rapist Bloomberg executive Bryan Lewis.

Bloomberg even went so far as to get Lewis a lawyer, as well as paying all of his legal bills. 

Where’s All The Liberal Democrat Outrage?

If any Democrat deiced to vote for the diminutive former New York City Mayor, it would call into question the legitimacy of the Democrats outraged handmaidens since Bloomberg is essentially the poster child of everything they supposedly are outraged about.

From the first day of the 2020 presidential race we’ve been hearing from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren screeching about Billionaires who believe they’re above the law, buying their way out of lawsuits, and into politics.

Of course, their target was Donald Trump, but now their delusional attacks have come full circle since Bloomberg spent over 300 million dollars buying his way into the 2020 presidential race. 

Since 2016 the Democrats and their mainstream media cohorts have proclaimed Donald J. Trump guilty based on a few sketchy women suddenly appearing out of nowhere claiming Trump sexually assaulted them by kissing them on the cheek goodnight.

Despite Bloomberg checking every box these liberal Democrats supposedly hate?

Hysterically, the easily triggered liberal Democrats have acted blissfully unaware of the 17 known illicit sex-related lawsuits against Bloomberg.


Bloomberg Bucks Buys Your Silence

A Bloomberg spokesman told the WaPo that Mike Bloomberg would not release anyone from a confidentiality agreement, which nondisclosure agreements (NDA) are another box that Liberal Democrats have in the past gotten triggered by.

Bloomberg’s spokesman went on to say that Mini-Mike did not intend to release his depositions in any of the newly revealed cases.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts said at a December Iowa campaign stop that NDA’s are “a way for people to hide bad things they’ve done.” She called on Bloomberg to release women from such agreements.

ABC News also reported that a Bloomberg spokesman said the company rarely settles disputes, preferring to take them to court.

But an ABC investigation revealed that Garrison’s case is one of at least five the company has settled in the past 25 years. She is unable to speak about her lawsuit since ‘Bloomberg Bucks’ has bound her to a confidentiality agreement.

ABC News also reported that they have spoken with several women who expressed interest in telling their stories but feared the prospect of facing retribution for speaking out.


Right From The Shetland Pony’s Mouth

Bloomberg wrote in his 1997 autobiography that before he was married in 1976, he “traveled with a big expense account, I had a girlfriend in every city” and “set new records in ‘burning the candle at both ends.’ ”

In 1993 Bloomberg divorced his wife, Susan, with whom he raised two daughters. He described his bachelor life this way in a 1996 interview with the Guardian, a British newspaper:

“I like theater, dining and chasing women. Let me put it this way: I am a single, straight billionaire in Manhattan. What do you think? It’s a wet dream.”


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