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As we have seen with Democrats like Adam Schiff, I assume the new norm will be the mainstream media reporting on what they think they heard, rather than what was actually said.


You’d think that dedicated Trump-detester Mika Brzezinski would be thrilled! But no. MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski managed to spin Barr’s words in the worst possible way.

On today’s Morning Joe, Brzezinski declared:

“It seems to me that what he’s saying is that these tweets make it harder for Bill Barr to help him be corrupt.”

Former Obama aide Matthew Miller obediently agreed: “I think you have it exactly right, Mika.”

He said they always wanted Jeff Sessions to push back at Trump like this, but Barr’s words are “never backed up by his actions…when he says you’re making it impossible for me to do my job, he means, you’re not giving me the political space to operate to do all the things you want me to do, Donald Trump.”

Mika repeated to Benjamin Wittes an hour later: “What he’s saying is, you’re making it hard for me to help you be a corrupt president.”


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