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You’ve probably heard the phrase Middle America, but I’m sure you never heard the phrase Middle California, right?

You probably wonder why you’ve never heard that term before right? Well, the term just came to me recently, with the recent events now happening in California counties and cities rebelling against the sanctuary state law with both the city of Los Alamitos first voting to opt out of the sanctuary state law and then leading officials in Orange County to do the same and voted not only to opt out of the sanctuary state law they also voted in favor of joining the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California.

Over not just the past few months and the past few years I’ve been telling people and writing about how California is not really a “liberal state” here’s how many times I’ve written about that November 15, 2016, December 21, 2016, July 28, 2017, October 25, 2017 and most recently on March 31, 2018 but when I either tell them that or share my articles on this topic, some out of state conservative call me “delusional”, or accuse me of ‘lying” because of what they hear in the mainstream media including both Fox News and Fox Business, it’s quite understandable why they would think that because the media has been ignoring Middle California for many years and only focusing on the cities in the liberal bubble.

However even though Middle California has always existed and been here, Middle California has begun to speak up recently and show the nation that we exist, with recent events in California with the city of Los Alamitos voting to opt out of the sanctuary state which lead to the official in Orange County do the same by not only voting to opt out of the sanctuary but also joining Trump’s administration.

Now since both the city of Los Alamitos and Orange County voted to opt out the sanctuary state and join the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California, other cities and counties are doing the same.

Aliso Viejo voted on April 4th to opt out of the sanctuary state law, Huntington Beach and Mission Viejo, also voted to opt out of the sanctuary state law, as well as Orange and Newport Beach

Los Alamitos voted 4-1 to opt out of the Sanctuary state law and approved the resolution to opt out in April.

Hesperia voted 3-1 in March to join an amicus brief with the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California.

Orange County voted 3-0 in March to join the Justice Department’s lawsuit against California.

Mission Viejo, to support the Los Alamitos City Council’s decision to opt out of the state’s sanctuary politics and join the amicus brief in support of the federal government’s lawsuit against the state.

Hutington Beach vote 6-1 in April to file its own lawsuit against the state of California its sanctuary laws, calling the policies a “constitutional overreach.”

Escondido voted 4-1 in April to support the Justice Department’s lawsuit with a legal brief.

Fountain Valley voted 3-1 to file an amicus brief in support of the Trump administration’s challenge to California’s law.

Aliso Viejo voted 4-1 on April 4th to join the Huntington Beach lawsuit in suing the state over the sanctuary state law.

Orange voted 3-2 stop complying with Sanctuary state law.

Newport Beach voted 7-0 to authorize city Attorney Aaron C. Harp to have the city join the in the support of the lawsuit, “including but not limited to an amicus brief” according to Deputy City manager Tara Finnigan.

Westminister in April voted 3-1 to join the Trump Administration’s lawsuit against California.

San Juan Capistrano voted 4-1 to condemn California’s sanctuary laws.

San Diego County voted 3-1 on April 17 to join support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California’s sanctuary state law.

There are more than a dozen so of cities who have opted out of the sanctuary state law here in California.

The anti-sanctuary state revolution going on here in California is prove that I have always been right when I tell people California is not a really a ‘liberal state’, and probably more cities and counties are sure to come as this movement is spreading across the state also a city in Riverside County Beaumont voted 3-2 to declare Senate Bill 54, the “California Values Act” is incompatible with federal law and therefore, illegitimate..

I touched on this in my last article and would like to say this again.

I have seen a lot of out of state conservatives talk about how California wants to ‘secede from the union’, that notion comes after Trump’s historic victory in the 2016 presidential election when pro-illegal alien advocates started the Calexit movement which they said was “inspired” by the Brexit vote in the UK. It’s understandable why a lot of out of state conservatives think that way, because of our so-called “leadership” in Sacramento is doing everything it can do to leave the union.

However people need to know that Sacramento is not California, yes I know Sacramento is the capital of California but it‘s NOT California!

There is a difference between the Regime in Sacramento and the people of California.

Despite how the mainstream media portrays us, California is not actually a “liberal state”, yes the big cities like Sacramento, San Francisco, LA, and Hollywood are liberal and these 4 cities practically control the whole state, which is unfair to the rest of the state.

If you look closely at the map of California, you would see these liberal areas are isolated to only a few big cities. Also, when you look at the map of California, you’ll notice the majority of California is actually made up of smaller ‘suburban’ and rural areas which there are a lot of small ‘suburban’ and rural areas here in California.

The majority of Californians don’t agree with the policies in Sacramento, San Francisco, LA, and Hollywood.

The real majority of Californians don’t live in the liberal bubble cities. The majority of what I call the true Californians are living in what I call Middle California. The mainstream media completely forgets about the rest of the state and would rather focus on the cities in the liberal bubble like Sacramento, San Francisco, LA, and Hollywood.

In fact, there is another movement started by pro-unionist in California to have the rural and suburban areas of California to form the 51st state of New California.

New California’ declared “independence” from the Sacramento Regime on January 15th according to CBS Sacramento with the reading of their own version of a Declaration of Independence, the founders of the state of New California took the first steps to what they hope will eventually lead to statehood, to be clear they don’t want to leave the United States, just California.

In California, there are a total of 58 counties and since that Declaration of independence was made in January, 39 counties to date have joined the New California statehood movement according to the New California state website

Here is a list of the 39 counties that have joined so far and more are sure to come.

1. Butte County
2. Calaveras County
3. Contra Costa County
4. Del Norte County
5. El Dorado County
6. Fresno County
7. Glenn County
8. Humboldt County
9. Imperial County
10. Kern County
11. Lake County
12. Rural portions of Los Angeles County
13. Madera County County
14. Mendocino County
15. Modoc County
16. Nevada County
17. Orange County
18. Placer County
19. Riverside County
20. Rural portions of Sacramento County
21. San Benito County
22. San Bernardino County
23. San Diego County
24. San Joaquin County
25. Rural portions of Santa Clara County
26. Rural portions of Santa Cruz County
27. Shasta County
28. Sierra County
29. Solano County
30. Sonoma County
31. Stanislaus County
32. Sutter County
33. Tehama County
34. Tulare County
35. Tuolumne County
36. Yolo County
37. Yuba County
38. Ventura County

39. Santa Barbara County

Here is a map of what New California could look like:

The New California statehood movement is following West Virginia’s footsteps when they seceded from the state of Virginia after Virginia left the union during the civil war.

Check out this 2013 documentary the West Virginia statehood movement in the 1860’s during the civil war:


Editor’s Note:

This article has been updated to reflect the correct and updated information on the New California movement at the time of publication there were only 38 counties that had joined the movement. Now since since May 1, 2018 the total number counties of that want to secede from liberal California is now 39 counties. Santa Barabra county is that latest county to join the New California state movement.

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