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Michigan is a state that remains in the “too close to call” category, and in Antrim County, which is just northeast of Traverse City, the results didn’t seem right to some people compared to how the county voted in 2016.

Early Wednesday morning, unofficial results were announced showing Antrim County went strongly for Democrats across the ticket.

But after the reliably red county turned blue by quite a bit, Antirm County Election officials announced they’re investigating what they say are the “skewed” election results.

Antrim County, Michigan 2020 Election Results

Antrim County Michigan 2020 Election results

Antrim county, like much of northern Michigan, is usually very heavily Republican.

Antrim County, Michigan 2016 Election Results

Antrim County 2016 presidential Election

Antrim County, Michigan 2012 Election Results

Antrim County 2016 presidential ElectionThe county clerk says she became aware of “apparently skewed” results early Wednesday morning.

The county says they are working with election officials across the county, and with the company that provides their voting software, to figure out what happened.

In a statement, the clerk says they expect to have a clear answer and plan of action by Wednesday afternoon. Until then, they are asking everyone to bear with them.

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