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by Cherylynn Costner:

In the so-called high life “Silence is Golden” is a popular phrase.  There was never as popular of a catch phrase for speaking out.  That is called “Ratting” or being a “Snitch”.  Codes of Silence are the sexual predator’s invisible shield of defense as they lure under age girls into situations where sex is offered or more aggressively shoved abruptly into their faces, just to end in the Not So Happy Ending that if you say anything “I will Kill You.”

Death threats happen because they work really well.  The predators select victims that are typically not in a position of power economically and who can be bribed with hush money or favors.  The emotional pain of being molested, raped or betrayed, had there been a belief that the sexual advance had any love attachment, is hard enough.  Since the girl is under age the woman takes the blame for being Jail Bait as if the perpetrator has no choice but to threaten her life as if they are just protecting themselves.

Society has been conditioned to discard the tears of women as a general rule all the way up to the highest court of the land, US Supreme Court, .  May 2001 Docket #00-1430 COSTNER, CHERYLYNN V. ZMUDA, ROBERT, ET AL. ended 7 years of litigation on a sex abuse case. The first defendant was producer comedy writer Bob Zmuda who was the co-founder and president of Comic Relief, Inc.  Comic Relief would raise $30,000,000.00 on Comic Relief, IV which I received credit for as Associate Producer. Top Box Office hits host the show with Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg.

With all that money, the Tax-exempt non-profit organization never took one homeless person off of the street or built a home.  Bob had informed me before the cruel charade of Justice began that I had no more rights than a slave, and that he could prove it to me. Hollywood can pretend they did not know, then they did a pretty good fake when they ganged up with high priced attorneys to deprive me of my most basic civil right to be heard. It was brutal for me but the political influence of the entertainment industry proved Bob correct. They can eat you up and spit you out and you might as well be dead, because if you can’t pay the excessive cost of hiring a state bar licensed attorney, you have no more meaningful rights than a slave.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, remember that old cliché? Who ever said that must not have lived in Hollywood. Comic Relief dragged me through 7 long years of court battles to prove Bob Zmuda right.  Civil Rights are bought in America.  Freedom is not Free. If it is this bad here imagine how bad it is when you get to places like Africa.  Places where alleged lesbians like Oprah Winfrey build schools exclusively for girls as she did with OWLAG where girls are raped and groomed for exploitation as sex utilities.

These girls do not stand a chance if they dare talk.  Except behind closed doors at the non-profits in down town Los Angeles where there has been a confession that Ms. Winfrey herself molested a woman when she lived at the OWLAG as a child.  No worries, I am sure no one will care any more about her than they did when I was abused by industry people conspiring against me . No, they won’t because nothing has changed with the #MeToo movement, it is just another scam because they are running out of political tricks to influence public thought and the MSM still is controlled by the likes of George Soros and his globalist thugs.

All along the corruption could have stopped with the first complaint.  They know Trump wants to Drain the Swamp and they are in the fight of their lives because if all Americans back him up Trump is likely to succeed, even in Hollywood, California.  The Globalists are betting that you are going to sweat it out with them as good sheeple following in Jonas Fake-News Anchor’s foot steps. It has always worked in the past, why would they want to stop now?

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