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President Donald Trump was criticized by liberals and left-wing media pundits for accurately identifying the novel Wuhan coronavirus as a “foreign virus” after countlessly using the term themselves.

“The president referred to the coronavirus as a ‘foreign virus,’” CNN’s Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta said after the president’s Wednesday night address from the Oval Office. “It’s going to come across to a lot of Americans as smacking of xenophobia to use that kind of term in this speech.”

A new video montage from the Media Research Center however, illustrates a glaring double-standard employed by elites deeming it only racist to point out the origin of the Wuhan virus once done so by Republicans.

“You’re starting to hear the Republicans, especially Trump Co. calling it the ‘Wuhan’ or the ‘Chinese coronavirus.’ They’re looking for someone to blame,” Cuomo says as the start of the video followed by colleague at CNN using the exact term Cuomo denounced.

The video also features reporters from other networks using the virus’ name adopted from the site of its first outbreak.

As Rich Lowry wrote in National Review, China “deserves to be connected to the virus it did more than its share to loose on the world, no matter what its foreign ministry or the sensitivity police say.”

A new video montage from the Media Research Center illustrates a glaring double-standard employed by media elites over the term “Wuhan virus.”


Fake News Media ‘Wuhan Virus’ Is NOW Racist Despite Our Saying ‘Wuhan Virus’ A Gazillion Times Video

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