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Since Tuesday, liberal journalists on CNN and MSNBC have been teaming up with elected Democrats to shoot down the notion that their collective obsession with impeaching President Trump slowed the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The biased coverage argued the “talking point” was “dangerous” and predicted that it would not “pick up much traction.”

On CNN’s The Situation Room that evening, White House correspondent Jim Acosta fretted: “Top Republicans are pushing back on the notion that the President failed to prepare the nation for the crisis, arguing he was tied up with the impeachment trial.” He then attempted to offer a supposed fact-check: “But hold on, here’s the reality. The President was acquitted on February 5th, five days before he declared at a rally that the virus would quickly disappear.”

Talking to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday afternoon, anchor Anderson Cooper didn’t bother to hide his disgust over the idea: “The President and the Senate Majority Leader are now suggesting that impeachment distracted the President from responding to the virus. Do you buy that at all?” That softball gave the Democratic leader the chance to proclaim: “I think that’s an admission that perhaps the President and the Majority Leader cannot handle the job.”

Acosta eagerly touted the exchange later in the day: “Pelosi rejected the excuse floated by top Republicans that the President was somehow distracted by the impeachment saga, which ended nearly two months ago. Even as the President continued to hold rallies and play golf.”

Shortly after McConnell’s comments on Tuesday, MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi decried:

Later that afternoon, Velshi was back at it, ranting: “The impeachment was concluded on February the 5th. It was long after that, well into March, probably March 12, before the President started taking this seriously.” NBC’s senior White House correspondent Shannon Pettypiece rushed to dismiss the entire discussion as nothing more than a GOP “talking point”

Of course, President Trump signed the order to ban travel to China on January 31st, so Velshi’s claim that the President didn’t take Coronavirus seriously until March 12th is simply ludicrous.

For journalists at CNN and MSNBC to not even be willing to entertain the idea that the massive amount of time they devoted to the Democrats’ futile impeachment crusade might have distracted the country from the spread of COVID-19 throughout China and the world in December, January, and early February is astonishing.

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