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The liberal-bias media trumpet Georgia’s first day of early voting which drew record turnouts. And just like in 2016, without evidence, the fake-news media gushed about Florida’s record-setting mail-in balloting, implying that all these voters MUST BE casting their ballots for the Democrats.

On Monday, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing Georgia’s secretary of state’s office, that nearly 127,000 voters in the Peach State cast their ballots on the first day of early voting.

According to the secretary of state’s office, more than 1.35 million absentee ballots were requested by Georgia voters. By comparison, 241,519 of them were issued in 2016.

While not overtly pandering for the Democrats, media outlets such as the AP sprinkled in little tidbits such as this to skew their reporting toward their ‘Trump-Hate’ narrative:

Rawlings, a Democrat, said she was motivated by the “coarseness” of President Donald Trump’s language and his seeming lack of respect for other branches of government and world leaders: “It’s gotta end.”

Early voting runs in Georgia runs until Oct. 30, which, like many states, expect a large amount of its population to vote via absentee ballots over coronavirus concerns.

The Medis Reporting As If It’s 2016 All Over Again.

In yesterday reporting of Georgia’s record-setting early voting turnout, Politico was quick to point out that:

Far more Democrats than Republicans are requesting mail ballots in key battleground states, including voters who didn’t participate in 2016.

Amazingly in 2016, the mainstream media proclaimed that Florida was setting new records for voting by mail, weeks before Election Day.

Like this year with Politico, the media implied that those 2016 early ballots being cast in Florida were dominated by Democrats, issuing reports stating:

Florida voters surged to the polls, shattering all-time turnout records in at least three of the battleground state’s most populous and heavily Democratic counties.

Of course, for all the media’s pandering on Hillary, and the Democrats’ behalf, none of which was true.

The final early mail-in voting proved that the media’s ‘Democrat landslide’ which they had been portraying for weeks before the election, was simply a mirage:

Stats TypeRepublicanDemocratOtherNo Party AffiliationTotal
Vote-by-Mail Provided (Not Yet Returned)267,694341,94219,567186,535815,738
Voted Vote-by-Mail1,047,119980,44064,338457,7562,549,653
Voted Early1,425,3121,580,00389,988779,6393,874,942


The Final 2016 Florida Voting Results

Donald J. TrumpRepublican4,617,88648.6%
Hillary Clinton
Gary Johnson

100% reporting (6,027 of 6,027 precincts)

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