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by Daveda Gruber:

Senator John McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain got a call, from President Trump on Friday. The Arizona Republican was hospitalized this week as he battles brain cancer.

Trump made the thoughtful call to check in on McCain’s condition.

McCain, 81, has been diagnosed with brain cancer, glioblastoma, the terminal form of brain cancer that he was diagnosed with in July.

The aggressive type of tumor killed Senator Ted Kennedy and Beau Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son.

When Mr. Kennedy received his diagnosis in May 2008, it shook Mr. McCain. When Mr. Kennedy died 15 months later, Mr. McCain delivered a memorable eulogy at a memorial service in Boston.

Glioblastoma is an aggressive and often fatal tumor, with an estimated 2-year survival rate of around 17 percent for patients between 40 and 65 years old. McCain is much older at 81.

A spokesperson from his office said, “Senator McCain is currently receiving treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center for normal side effects of his ongoing cancer therapy. As ever, he remains grateful to his physicians for their excellent care, and his friends and supporters for their encouragement and good wishes. Senator McCain looks forward to returning to work as soon as possible.”

Senators must be physically present on the Senate floor to cast votes.

McCain’s Republican colleagues have confidence he will be able to make the expected votes on the tax overhaul next week.

Senator Rob Portman, R-Ohio, said, “Of course we all wish for Senator McCain to have a great health for as long as possible. My sense is that everybody’s made a commitment to be there next week. And we will certainly be able to have the vote. Our prayers go to him and his family.”

Republicans have a 52-48 majority in the Senate. They can only afford to lose two votes. Vice President Mike Pence would have to break a tie in that case.

McCain missed a third day of Senate votes Wednesday, has been undergoing rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. McCain has been undergoing treatments since early September at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, next to Walter Reed.

McCain’s return for the healthcare vote did not turn out well. Let’s hope this return comes out in a more positive way.

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