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Maxine Waters slithered out from under the rock she’s been hiding under to ramp up the rhetoric and whip up her base against President Trump.

The Crooked California Congresswoman has been trying to dunk on Trump for the past three years, regardless of the facts.

Even when President Trump has done what she wanted him to do she still screeches her ‘Orange Man Bad’ idiocy.

On Monday the unhinged Congresswoman tweeted:

‘Trump, since you destroyed the WH unit designed to plan for pandemics like , you need to stop being duplicitous about the DPA & get more corps to develop masks, respirators, & everything needed to protect hospital workers trying to save lives. Get your act together!’

Of course, it’s hilarious seeing Maxine Waters demanding President Trump use his powers as President to commandeer industries after hearing her cry for the past three years that Trump is a wannabe Dictator.

Like all delusional Democrats, Mad Maxine leaves out one important word in what President Trump stated because if it’s included her idiocy becomes all too apparent.

Mad Maxine screeched “You said we’d be safe by Easter”

Sorry, Wicked Witch of the West he never said such a thing.

The President did say last week that he HOPED that maybe business could reopen by Easter.

But just days later he listened to the experts and said the experts told him that according to the latest data that wasn’t feasible, and the President agreed with their recommendation.

It’s not ‘Hunches’ moron it’s trying to give Americans hope that a brighter tomorrow will be coming soon.

Like Joe Biden, Maxine Waters seems to be a day late and a brain cell short when it comes to what the Trump administration has been doing in leading the fight against the Coronavirus.

Newsweek explained:

‘Trump announced Friday that he had invoked the Defense Production Act, which the government can use to impel manufacturers to make medical equipment for the fight against coronavirus.

“We’ve used it three or four times,” Trump said during the coronavirus stimulus package bill signing in the Oval Office. “I’ve pulled it back three times because the companies came through in the end. They didn’t need the act. It’s been great leverage.”‘

Perhaps Maxine Waters missed these tweets from the President:

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