Massive Win In Court Case Could Be The Undoing Of The Entire Biden Admin & Dr. Fauci

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It all started in the summer of 2021.

Independent Journalist Alex Berenson was banned from Twitter for supposedly violating their COVID policy. His crime?

Citing official data from Israel showing that the mRNA vaccines did not stop transmission of the coronavirus and that the protection waned over months.

Berenson – who had been given better data than the CDC since the pandemic started – immediately sued and won. He was immediately reinstated on the social media platform, and the judge granted him discovery. Berenson’s legal team discovered that the Biden administration demanded he be removed from the social media platform.

Internal documents showed the White House pressed the social media company to ban Berenson for four months.

From Berenson’s Substack:

In a White House meeting in April 2021, four months before Twitter suspended my account, the company faced “one really tough question about why Alex Berenson hasn’t been kicked off from the platform,” a Twitter employee wrote.

The employee recounted the meeting discussion afterwards on Twitter’s internal Slack messaging system. The message, and others, make clear that top federal officials targeted me specifically, potentially violating my basic First Amendment right to free speech.

With the documents in hand showing Twitter banned Berenson on behalf of the Biden administration and a court victory showing he did not violate the social media company’s terms of service, a lawsuit is being prepared against the federal government.

But that is only part of the story.

Attorney Generals in Missouri and Louisiana also won a significant court battle.

In May, both states filed a lawsuit against top Biden administration officials for “colluding with social media companies to censor free speech. What they found after issuing numerous subpoenas was astonishing. Documents and emails showed that over 50 government officials and 12 agencies – including law enforcement – were involved in censoring Americans. Court documents revealed Biden officials were demanding Facebook (Meta), Twitter, and Google take action if they didn’t like what certain people were saying.

You can read the emails and court documents here. It is massive. 

The big kicker dropped on September 6, 2022, the judge in Missouri v. Biden ruled that they are allowed to have discovery from Dr. Fauci and the White House.

We are all about to discover the collusion between the White House and tech giants.


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