Why are Many Sexual Behavior Cases Coming out in US ?

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by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:

In the recent year or so, American media is overflowing headlines about aggressive sexual behavior from the country’s male celebrities and powerful people. Senators,congressmen, entertainers and media anchors are being exposed to public by the women.

This shows a significant change in the political system may be the reason, women have got more confidence and faith in the president President Donald Trump’s administration and have expressed their outburst to the public fearlessly..This alarming past sexual behavior disclosures now may be a sign of good governance by present President Donald Trump’s administration during this last one year.


The introduction of effective policy measures by the present administration and good governance that created a good confidence among young people that ultimately developed good confidence among American family.

With the President Donald Trump administration, women are feeling more comfortable without fear and long suffering women whom have now found their voice ,courage and their anger to express boldly in the media and public. Thanks to the President Donald Trump’s administration and its good governance to the people of America.

Shall the people support Donald Trump’s administration and make America great again???

By J.krishna moorthi


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