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by Daveda Gruber:

So who pulled the strings on the Democrat-funded research resulting in the controversial Trump dossier? The mystery has only encouraged Republicans looking to cut through the connections between the project and its overseers.

The head of the Democratic Party admitted, during a forum at the University of Chicago earlier this week, this much.

The Democratic National Committee is defending the Fusion GPS dossier as standard opposition research. Chairman Tom Perez maintained he only learned about the dossier “a few days ago” before he explained how his predecessors at the DNC could have set up such a project.

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Perez explained how he could have been in the dark by saying, “You hire a lawyer and we hire lawyers all the time who hire third-party vendors to do their work and so we knew that we were paying for opposition research at the DNC, but we didn’t ask questions about who they’re hiring in the context of doing their research.”

Perez was not at the DNC at the time but went on to defend the party’s efforts, saying “we had very strong reason to believe that Donald Trump and the Donald Trump campaign and the Russians were potentially conspiring to affect the election.”

Allegations about dirt the Russians had on then-candidate Donald Trump and his campaign’s possible connections to Moscow in the controversial dossier were supposedly unverified and shocking.

The political consulting firm Fusion GPS was retained last year by Marc E. Elias, an attorney representing the DNC and the Clinton campaign. The firm then hired former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to write the now notorious dossier.

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The Clinton campaign and DNC paid more than $9 million to Elias’ firm Perkins Coie that, in turn, retained the political consultants who commissioned the research. An unknown Republican client backed the research.

It’s not clear who exactly at the Clinton campaign and DNC might have known how the $9 million dollars was being spent.

I can say that I sure would know how $9 million was being spent. They obviously wanted to create the inability to connect the dots.

More details could come out as Fusion GPS fights in court to keep its bank records on lockdown.

President Trump seems to be happy about all of this. He tweeted:

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that she doesn’t know which GOP candidate started backing Fusion but said Steele only got involved after the Democrats stepped in.

I could make some guesses here but hesitate to put in print. It would make sense that it was someone with a lot of money to spend.

McDaniel said, “Democrats have not been transparent or honest about how this started.”

Have the Democrats ever been transparent? I don’t think so. Why would they start now?

John Podesta, former Clinton campaign chairman, privately denied any knowledge of the payment arrangement in recent interviews with congressional investigators. During the interviews he was sitting next to Marc Elias, the attorney who retained Fusion.

Take this in; Podesta was siting next to the attorney who retained Fusion but he knew nothing about it?

The lies just don’t add up but trust me, Hillary Clinton and her team will come up with more denials. Deny, deny, deny, that’s what you do. Remember that college thesis written by her on her mentor Saul Alinsky?

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