Lincoln Project Goes BOOM As Trump-Hate Scam Co-founder Steve Schmidt Resigns

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Steve Schmidt one of the leaders of the Lincoln Project, a group of four old rich white guys who were life-long scammers, sleaze merchants, and con artists that used their hatred of Trump to pass themselves off as conscience Republicans, enabling them to fleece millions of dollars out of delusional Democrats

Hysterically claiming victimhood, fatigue, and victory over the hated Donald Trump co-founder Steve Schmidt has resigned from the Lincoln Project as the outfit found itself rocked by sexual abuse and doxxing scandals.


In a lengthy resignation letter posted on Friday evening, Schmidt hysterically took credit for the group’s “decisive role” in President Donald Trump’s 2020 electoral defeat and said he was leaving because the organization’s board is made up of “four middle-aged white men” and needs a female member for the sake of diversity and professionalism, among other things.

Of course, Steve Schmidt’s exit is further proof of what a lying POS scumbag he is.

Schmidt’s resigned just a half an hour after Axios reported it was forthcoming.

The outlet said three other members have resigned – spokesman Kurt Bardella, video host Nayyera Haq and columnist Tom Nichols, who was their unpaid adviser. 

Another co-founder, Jennifer Horn, left the group only to see her private messages to a reporter leaked online on Thursday.

While Twitter refused to punish the Lincoln Project for clear violations of their rules, the group hastily deleted the messages and ran damage control.

Schmidt’s resignation comes amid a wave of damaging stories for the Lincoln Project., starting with last month’s expose of another Lincoln Project co-founder, John Weaver, as someone who sexually preyed on boys for decades. 

  • The New York Times reported last month on allegations from 21 men that Weaver sent them unsolicited and sexually charged messages. One was 14 years old at the time, according to the report.
  • Multiple people have reportedly been contacted by federal law enforcement regarding the alleged conduct. The Lincoln Project said it has hired an external law firm to conduct an investigation into the matter.
  • The AP reported that the majority of the $90 million that the Lincoln Project has raised was funneled to consulting firms tied to the group’s founders and senior staff.
  • On Thursday, the group’s official Twitter account tweeted screenshots of messages between a former senior staffer and a reporter writing a story on the group. Lincoln Project co-founder George Conway suggested the disclosures may have been illegal.

While the Lincoln Project claimed ignorance of Weaver’s proclivities, on Monday the AP published an investigation strongly suggesting otherwise.

In his resignation letter, Schmidt maintained that the first time he learned about Weaver’s misconduct – grooming and sexual abuse of boys – was last month when it was revealed, and had “never heard a single person ever whisper” he was a predator when they worked for Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) during his 2008 presidential bid.

Along with Weaver, Rick Wilson and George Conway, Schmidt was the most prominent member of Project Lincoln, milking their status as establishment Republican strategists and campaign aides to McCain, President George W. Bush or California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for appearances on CNN and MSNBC where they campaigned against Trump and Republicans who supported him.

In the letter, Schmidt wrote that he had been “consumed by anger and rage” over the “attacks from the rancid collection of liars, thugs and fascists” such as Donald Trump Jr. and Fox News host Laura Ingraham on his character and the Lincoln Project.

He also claimed that the Project was the “most successful and politically lethal super PAC” in US history that played a “decisive role” in Trump’s defeat, and urged people who agreed to him to continue fighting as the US remains “one election away from seeing the end of American democracy.”

According to the AP expose, however, only $27 million of the $90 million raised by the group was spent on political advertising – often in reliably Democrat strongholds – while the rest actually found its way to consulting firms run by members as payments for “services” rendered.


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