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Joe Biden is getting slammed from both left and right using the hashtag #BidenLied for not keeping at least one of his many failed campaign promises.

After being a Senator for decades and serving another 8-years as Obama’s VP, Joe Biden being accused of lying isn’t shocking.

But what is shocking is that it took less than two weeks after being sworn in as President, before Biden’s own supporters started questioning his honesty.

Though Biden attempted to explain the discrepancy using some questionable arithmetic.

More than a few liberals weren’t buying Biden’s liberal logic math for why his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 stimulus plan only offered Americans $1400 stimulus checks instead of the $2000 he promised to “immediately” send after taking offices if they voted him President.

Of course, as soon as conservatives saw that Biden’s own supporters were lambasting Biden, they quickly jumped on the #BidenLied bandwagon.

Between the liberals screeching about the stimulus checks, and Conservatives bringing up the many Biden lies that the Democrats media cohorts conveniently ignored during the 2020 election.

It didn’t take long before…

#BidenLied was trending on Twitter

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Democrat Drones Tried Hijacking #BidenLied

Biden loyalists and Democrat drones were severely triggered by the wave of hatred toward their president.

In desperation, the left tried hijacking the hashtag to keep criticism from flooding users’ timelines.

The leftist twittering twits started including the #BidenLied hashtag in tweets that called out former President Donald Trump for being a liar and criminal.

Not surprisingly, the left also tried claiming that the #BidenLied hashtag was only trending because of lying Conservatives being aided by, of course, Russian Bots.

Others took a different approach and added the #BidenLied hashtag to random tweets expressing fandom or just pictures of their pets and other animals.

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