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On July 1, 2000, I began my career as a Law Enforcement Officer under then President William J. Clinton. And over the past 20 years, I’ve witnessed a lot of highs, and lows, in law enforcement. From the praise of first responders after 9/11, to the portrayal of law enforcement as evil racist under President Obama and his administration, to a candidate that stopped his motorcade to shake the hands of firemen and law enforcement.

When I began this career (well it’s more of a calling actually) I felt great honor and pride as I dressed for each shift. My uniform starched and ironed, duty gear positioned perfectly on my belt, badge and boots shined to a high gloss finish, I was ready to serve my community, state, and nation each and every shift. When asked by others what I did for a living, I proudly told them that I’m a Deputy Sheriff. And I was! This continued under President Bush too, however things changed after Bush left office…

Once President Obama took office, I slowly saw the pride in my chosen path turn to fear for not only MY safety, but also the safety of those that I work alongside each and every day. Law enforcement officials began to be called things such as evil, racist, heavy handed, abusers, and so much worse than that. It’s like we became the whipping boy for the Obama Administration being portrayed as villains. News snippets showed edited versions of video from scenes where officers arrested, fought, and occasionally took the life of those that meant harm to society. The bad guys became martyrs under the Obama administration. And alot of times these criminals were even glorified by Obama and the MSM! Meanwhile millions of officers around the world went to work and performed their daily task flawlessly. I’d be blind to say there aren’t bad officers. Sure, just as in any profession you will have an occasional bad apple. However the Obama Administration and the MSM portrayed ALL of law enforcement as evil doers as a whole.

As the Obama administrations time in the White House slowly started to end, here enters a man- an outsider if you will, that decided to run for the office of Presidency- and to do it for free with no salary at that! Well known billionaire and celebrity Donald J. Trump threw his hat in the ring for POTUS and began to make his stops around the nation campaigning on a platform of “I’m not a politician”. This intrigued many of our great nation- including me. And as I sat back and watched, I would often see him stop what he was doing to speak to our first responders, thank them for the job they do, and even take photos with them. As a first responder, to take a picture with a celebrity- especially a Presidential candidate, is a very cool thing. Fast forward a little more and Mr. Trump comes to Jackson Mississippi. And while in Jackson MS, he stops what he’s doing to take photos and shake hands with officers of the law such as big shot narcotics agents and all the way down to simple patrol deputies making them feel a little bit special once again. You see Donald J. Trump reinstilled a sense of pride and honor to this ole veteran cop. He made me proud again to tell society what I do daily. Sure the fake news still tells us we are evil doers, but we feel like we have the support of the most influential man in the the modern world. Outside of Jesus Christ, the President of the United States of America is the most powerful man in the world. Society may mock him, ridicule him, and make fun of his family, but law enforcement will forever be grateful for the few minutes he stops a motorcade to shake our hands and say a simple thank you.

From Law Enforcement and First Responders around the US, President Trump we thank you for your service to our great nation and your appreciation for our brotherhood. You sir are a true Blue Blood!
Written By: Deputy Scott

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