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by Jason Kraus:

A conversation crossed my path recently. The subject was Progressive women. It went something like this.

“The Woodstock freaks all wanted to be equal to a man. Smoke like men, drink like men, fornicate like men. So they did. Then they decided that men needed to be like women. Men wearing dresses, getting mani-pedis, we’ve even been told men now have a time of the month. Fine, but what I don’t understand is all the noise. In my day women were the ones “sharing their feelings” and men were the ones who lived the lives of quiet desperation. Now the men run around whining, crying, and taking knees. When are the women going to do their part and keep their mouth shut like we used to! You wanted to be equal to a man now suck it up buttercup.”

So many Liberal dreams. So little Liberal reality.

Progressives are so confused they want college students to verbally ask “would you like to have sex with me” and receive an affirmative “yes” before young men and women living in co-ed dorms do, what young men and women living in co-ed dorms, do.

With today’s technology I think that is ridiculous.

They should have to pull out their cell phones and stare into the screen while recording both the question and the answer and then send it to their parents for approval. Why not? They aren’t adults until they turn 26 and aren’t responsible for their actions or their own healthcare.

Thanks Obama!

Thanks Thumbs Down McCain!

If a pregnancy occurs I think Mom and Dad should know how fifty-thousand a year in tuition/books/room and board turned into a grandchild that they will be raising into their seventies.

Let’s try another Progressive position.

We hear from Liberals constantly that the United States is broken and can only be fixed by Progressive policies. The two primary issues for this group are Health Care and Immigration.

According to Liberals both are broken and need to be fixed.

I completely agree.

In 1986 Ronald Reagan gave the Liberals BOTH of the things they are proclaiming to not be working.

We’ve had 30 plus years of this “theory” and it is very clear.

Amnesty and Free Health Care do not work.

Without the Federal Government’s ability to “borrow” over 20 trillion dollars, “free” medical care for the indigent and illegals would have disappeared a long time ago.

Amnesty or criminal compliance has created a system that rewards felonious behavior and has allowed tens of millions of humans to live here illegally without consequence.

Thanks Ronnie!

You should have listened to Nancy and Just Said No.

How about this Liberal position. Barack Obama took Jimmy Carter’s New Normal explanation about the economy and said that America would never return to 2 percent growth. “Those jobs are gone” and “get used to it.” Now with GDP taking off, unemployment at all-time lows for EVERYONE and the stock markets climbing WHILE interests rates are going higher, it appears Obama and his crew of boneheads want to give Hussein the credit.


It’s now happening.

That’s like giving Bill Clinton credit for telling the truth.

Let’s move to the NFL where the owners are so greedy they cannot properly enforce rules for their employees. It’s gotten so bad the owner of the Miami Dolphins said all of their players would stand for the National Anthem before the season started. Now, I don’t watch the NFL and haven’t for a while, but reportedly no one in the NFL took a knee EXCEPT three morons on the MIAMI DOLPHINS.

What did the owner do?


I don’t blame the players. Between their collective “reported” measurement of intelligence barely equaling an 8th grade education, and the constant shots these guys take and have taken to the head, I’m surprised when a coherent sentence is uttered. Besides if you are lead by a Colon you are apt to be filled with excrement that nobody wants and needs to be flushed.

The billionaire owners on the other hand are one hundred percent cowards.

It is a fact that humans who happen to have white skin are killed by police in larger numbers than humans who happen to have black skin. It is also a fact that law enforcement is killed by humans who happen to have black skin in dramatically larger numbers than the other way around.

These are facts. Check your FBI stats.

Kaepernick is a liar, his “girlfriend” is a liar and Michael Brown was a street thug raised by trash who are now cashing checks off his dead body.

Speaking of liars Bob Woodward decided to quote Secretary of Defense James Mattis and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly as saying derogatory things about President Trump. Woodward did so with the “anonymous” source. Both have denied his writings err rantings. I’m going to go with the Generals who’ve served America for decades unlike Woodward who appears to serve only himself. A few more idiotic statements from Bobby and we may have to look to reinstate Tricky Dick.

Most people don’t know this but a man named Jeffrey Immelt was selected by Barack Obama to be the head of his Economic Advisory Board during Obama’s Presidency.

The same Jeffrey Immelt who ran one of the largest corporations in the world into the ground.

That company is called General Electric.

GE finally dumped the Liberal idiot Immelt and is trying to claw its way back.

It’s going to be a long slog for them if they make it at all.

The United States on the other hand is moving swiftly here and abroad.

Yes we still have Bush and Obama’s twenty trillion in debt.

Yes interest rates are too low.

Yes we have too many Boomers turning sixty-five who have nothing but debt and dysfunction to show for their lives and yes we have tens of millions of foreign nationals here criminally living off of us while continuing to assault and murder our citizens.

Yes, yes and YES, but for those of us who look a tiny light has poked its way through.

I know its hard to see but these mid-term elections should tell us everything we need.

Americans will choose success or decide to wallow in failure.

Either way clarity will have occurred.

Let the lines be drawn.

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