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By Linda L Barton

As a Conservative, I have struggled to understand the Liberals in Media and those sitting in the halls of Congress today. I have always believed 2+2=4, but for some reason, a liberal manages to find the answer to that equation can be whatever they desire. For them, up is down and down is up. Right is wrong and wrong is right. They seem trapped in a world of fantasy where everything is up to their desires, no matter the price or damage it may cause. In this article, I’m going to attempt to climb inside their minds and try to understand their method of thinking.

Through the years, I have watched those elected to serve the American people do things which seem counter-productive. They make wonderful promises during their campaigns that seem logical, but as soon as they take their Oath of Office, it’s as though their brain short circuits and all logical thinking seems to vanish. Take in point the passage of the recent Omnibus Bill. While we all expected the Democrats to be thrilled with its debt-heavy giveaways, for the Republicans to offer up such a boondoggle is infuriating.

Over the years, this movement away from all logic has become impossible to ignore. I’m sure the media has always reported with a politically slanted viewpoint. However, with 24/7 instant in-your-face news, it has become painfully obvious. President Trump was 100% right when he tagged it FAKE NEWS. The problem is they don’t seem to care that most Americans no longer believe their lies.

However, those in the liberal leftist media are merely tools of the Socialist Progressives in government. For years, they’ve had the media in their hip pockets, we, as Americans, just didn’t realize it. Years ago, most Americans would sit in front of the televisions each evening and watch the news from newscasters they all trusted. I know my parents would never have believed Walter Cronkite would lie to them. He was the trusted face of the nightly news.

However, looks are often deceiving. After Cronkite’s retirement, the truth of this man surfaced. We learned he was not only a liberal, which looking back now was evident from his broadcasts, but he was also a One-World Government supporter. In appearances before the World Federalist Association, which favors a world government financed by global taxes, he called for the U.S. to renounce “some of its sovereignty” and pass a series of United Nations treaties, many of which were pushed by then-Senator Barack Obama. Cronkite called for an “International Liberty Bell.” However, with the onset of cable news, the true brainwashing of America began.

The USA has been under attack from those with a leftist agenda for many years. They have infiltrated every aspect of American life. From our media, education, religion, and government, those who wish to destroy our way of life and steal our freedom have worked tirelessly for generations. Our schools are now tools of the far-left to force their belief of a One World Government onto the next generations. We are seeing that today with students marching for gun control.


The far-left liberals in government today have taken their marching orders from the Rules for Radicals playbook written by Saul Alinsky. Hillary Clinton even wrote her college dissertation and lived her entire political carrier by this philosophy.

It is by following that line of thought that proves how those in the media and the DC Swamp Dwellers have abandoned all logic for a political reason.

What is reason vs. logic? The primary difference between logic and reason is that reason is subject to personal opinion, whereas logic is an actual science that follows clearly defined rules and tests for critical thinking. Logic also seeks tangible, visible or audible proof of a sound thought process.

So, in a nutshell, logic is 2+2=4. Logic is the rule of nature and life. You know, the idea of God created Man and Woman and there actually is right and wrong.

However, if one surrenders to the idea of political reason, that’s where we end up with children taught 2+2 could equal 5 if they want it to be. That no rules apply to nature and life. That if you don’t like your sex, you can change it into whatever you want. Heck, you can even change your race and country of origin should you desire.

While Orwell’s book is fiction, one cannot help but see similarities in some of the things happening in our culture today. Freedom of thought is under attack. The idea of the individual is scoffed. Freedom of speech is becoming a crime in many countries. Even Canada recently passed a law against supposed “hate speech” toward Muslims.

So, where does this leave us today? As a Patriot, I find it disheartening to see the direction so many want to take this great country. It infuriates me to see how our children are used and corrupted to do the dirty work of the Socialist Progressives. We, as a Nation, need to return to using logic in our decisions. We need to learn from the lessons of the past before we repeat them.

I have a message for those using Political reason: GROW UP!! You are NOT the center of the universe; the sun does NOT revolve around you! Leave your safe room and join the grownups in the REAL world. If you want true independence, then stop being a slave to the Socialist Progressive movement. For if you don’t, you will wake up one morning and find yourself living in a dark world where you no longer have any freedom.

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