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Facebook executives were caught with their social media pants down after Project Veritas released a devastating leaked video showing them discussing plans to work together with President Joe Biden on censoring free speech.

Guerrilla journalism company Project Veritas released a devastating leak on Sunday showing Facebook leadership revealing their leftist ambitions under the new Biden administration.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg fawned over Biden’s flurry of executive orders as “important and positive steps.” He then elaborated that he looks forward to when “Facebook is going to be able to work together with this new administration.”

Facebook’s VP of Integrity Guy Rosen also was shown describing how Facebook’s cutting-edge technology could be used to target conservative speech going forward.

Rosen described how the platform is trying to “limit the spread of content that could potentially lead to further civil unrest, further violence.”

Rosen went on to describe how Facebook is specifically targeting political Facebook groups:

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  1. Biden said yesterday he’s not making new laws just eliminating bad ones. No. Biden is making bad choices getting rid of of all Trumps great laws he made so Americans can be safer and do well in life and have jobs. This regime of hate has already hurt Americans just in a two week period. They are trying to kill America, it’s Constitution, Bill of Rights for their total control. Their supporters are so brainwashed they don’t realize all this will trickle down to them. What good is $15. Wage increase if everything else goes up in price,food,housing,gas,clothes,ect. Taxes? At the end, this will further hurt small businesses and minimum wage earners will actually make around $5-6.00 if lucky. You demoRat voters need to wake up.

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