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A leaked memo shows that when it comes to beddy-bye time, Bernie Sanders can out Diva any movie star in La La Land.


Bernie Sanders, who’s never held a real job outside of politics in his grumpy old life, wants everyone to believe that he just like you and me, but Bernie’s Bedtime Manifesto being leaked shows the simpleminded socialist can be a real Hotel Diva.

The cranky hairbrush hating 188-year-old Bernie Sanders, and one of the Democrats clown car of 2020 presidential candidate owns three homes and has a net worth of around $3 million, and has been traveling around the country promoting his ‘Free, NOT Free‘ giveaways courtesy of the American taxpayer for the past 5-years.

During those 5-years Bernie Sanders has been very specific about where he stays because one must be comfortable when avoiding doing the job voters sent him to Washington to do.

And while Bernie promotes himself as just a commoner, let’s just say he’s not staying at a Motel 6 with those hideous double beds like the rest of us dregs.

Diva Extraordinaire

Unless Bernie Sanders staff members want to really Feel the Bern, the temperature and size of the room must meet Bernie’s needs, and he’s very specific about the type of tea that must be stocked in the room upon his arrival.

Here are a few highlights from Bernie’s Bedtime Diva list:

  • King Size Bed with Down Comforter
  • Temperature no lower 60 and staff MUST SET, TEST, AND RUN THERMOSTAT before Diva Bernie arrives.
  • The room must not be near anything that makes noise, excluding Bernie’s snoring
  • Steal any mini honey bottles or single honey packs because Bernie thinks their adorably cute.
  • English breakfast tea because Bernie fighting the good fight against Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Nazism.
  • Staff must demand managers be interrogated about any groups also staying in the hotel. Bernie demands quiet so he can clearly hear the voices inside his head.
  • Staff must flush the toilets, environmentally friendly slow flushing toilets are forbidden since Bernie is so full of shit he needs a powerful flush.
  • Staff must notify Nikki Dones if the hotel has a pool so she could start blowing up Bernie’s swimmies and inflatable Swan ring.
Bernie Sanders inflatable Swan Pool ring
Bernie Sanders wont Feel the Bern in his inflatable Swan pool ring


Leaked: Bernie’s Bedtime Manifesto

Bernie Sanders Leaked Hotel Bedtime Manifesto

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