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Only Two Months Late… Joe Biden Finally Says He Supports President Trump’s China Travel Ban Decision

Joe Biden has been struggling to find relevance as in the midst of the pandemic.

While President Donald Trump and his team are working non-stop dealing with the virus, Biden has been putting out interviews from his basement with favorable media and it hasn’t been going well.

As we reported on Friday, not only has that resulted in a string of gaffes, but he’s also gotten called out for a boatload of false statements. Just counting the false statements about the virus between March 13 and April 3, he earned 11 Pinocchio’s from fact-checkers in at least five separate occasions/incidents.

Joe Biden Ad Attacking Trump on Coronavirus Gets Four Pinocchios From WaPo

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Hey Joe Biden… President Trump’s Been There, Done That

The things he’s offered as his “plans” have tended to be things that President Donald Trump has already done, such as suggesting that someone be in charge of a response (Vice President Pence).

He’s also said things that just don’t make any sense, such as claiming Trump is delaying checks so he can physically sign them.

But he’s also been blasted for just being flat out wrong, for example in suggesting that Trump cutting travel with China was “hysterical xenophobia” when Dr. Anthony Fauci said that helped save lives. He made this comment the day after Trump’s action.

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