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by Ruth Riddle:

As the New Year approaches, we are inclined to reflect on where we have been and where we are headed. The look backward is easy, and the view is clear. The look ahead is murky…for some.

Our president has his sights on winning, and his vision for the future pierces the haze. He sees success. He sees people lifting themselves out of poverty and hopelessness. He sees government eliminating obstacles in people’s paths. He sees a level field of opportunity for everyone.


Recall our president’s beginnings. Son of immigrants. Father a successful builder. Mother a beauty and a homemaker. Donald had a wild streak, which was tamed by a military academy. He became educated in business at Wharton. He worked alongside his father, but nurtured his own dreams. He moved from residential building in Brooklyn and Queens to commercial skyscrapers in Manhattan. He built a brand. All quite grand. He succeeded; he failed. But he never quit.

He kept his eye on America, the love of his life. Although he walked through Manhattan society with beautiful women by his side, marrying three of them, the USA was his true love. His romance with America was painful at times. His beloved country was beset with traitorous and inept suitors. When he was convinced the American people were drowning in the misdeeds of past presidents, despite the heroics of presidents like Lincoln, Roosevelt (Teddy) and Reagan, he stepped into the void.

Give the Gift of TRUMP

His emergence into politics had been discussed and encouraged since the 80s. But he knew the time had not come until 2015. He had finally lost hope in the suitors of his beloved America. He witnessed failure after government failure under Obama, aided by the Clintons and the liberals. He saw the increasing poverty and violence in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, to name but a few urban centers. Finally, he knew the time had come. He knew that no other contender on the left or right could rectify the damage his country had sustained. Saving the USA and restoring its rightful place on the international stage could only be effected by the Trump magic.

And so he began the long slog to the finish line, with his beautiful and accomplished bride by his side, along with his beautiful children from all three marriages. Melania’s support of her husband and the children’s support of their father knew no bounds. His pride in them was inspiring. Together they traversed the country and were welcomed by the forgotten people.


He won!! He assembled a new generation of the best and brightest for his cabinet. He undercut the deep state. He began the arduous process of draining the swamp and flushing the D.C. sewers. His enemies fought his every move. He remained stalwart and strong. He prevailed. He never doubted his abilities. He never lost sight of his vision for his beloved America. As we approach the New Year, there is much left to do, but much has been accomplished, and the foundation for future gains has been laid. The Donald – or as we call him these days, Mr. President – has weathered the storm and is in process of preparing for the next one.


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