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by Daveda Gruber:

Police in Harrisburg, Pa., were looking for answers on Friday of what provoked a 51-year-old man to go on an afternoon shooting spree in which he was targeting police officers.

The gunman was eventually shot and killed by police. He was identified as Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty.

I can only guess by his name that he may have been Islamic? We don’t want to profile here but his name is a dead give-away.

A Pennsylvania state trooper was shot during the near rampage but she was expected to make a full recovery. said.

The suspect chased the trooper during one of three shootings that began at around 4 p.m.

By approximately 7 p.m., the suspect was dead.


Ed Marsico, the Dauphin County district attorney, said police were deliberately targeted. El-Mofty was slain as he fired at officers while carrying two rifles and a shotgun.

Marsico told a TV channel that officials had “no idea what the motivation is at this point.”

A bomb squad investigated a suspicious device spotted near the scene of where El-Mofty was killed, but nothing came of it.

The FBI was assisting in the investigation to determine if it was a planned act of terrorism.

“We can’t comment on that at this time,” Marsico told the station. “But the investigation will continue and it will be thorough.”

The mayor of Harrisburg, Eric Papenfuse, commended police for their “exceptional bravery,” while Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said he was “grateful for the swift reaction” of the officers.

While law enforcement breaks their brains trying to figure out this case, I’ll go out on a limb and predict that the man was inspired by Islam or directly by a terrorist group.Could I be wrong, yes, but not likely.

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  1. There continues to be an awful lot of the Peaceful religion, Islam who commit murder. Maybe if we shipped them all back to Camel Land they could have sex with the sheep and goats and then they would be more peaceful.

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