Latest Presidential 2020 Election Odds

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As the United States continues its efforts to try and curb the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, the odds for who will the 2020 Presidential Election Odds continue to move into Joe Biden’s favor as he is now the betting favorite.

As of March 16th, Biden’s odds have moved to -105 after looking like he had no shot prior to his huge Super Tuesday win back on March 3rd.

President Donald Trump’s odds have moved to EVEN, which are the highest they’ve been during his first term as POTUS.

Clearly the Coronavirus and the fake news media have had a huge impact on the odds. I suspect the odds will turn in Donald Trump’s favor as the Coronavirus winds down, and the economy recovers.

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2020 Presidential Election Odds Tracker

Candidate 3/16  3/8 3/4 2/27 2/13 2/5 1/29 1/21
Donald Trump EVEN -130 -150 -180 -170 -150 -135 -140
Joe Biden -105 +125 +160 +2000 +1600 +850 +550 +450
Bernie Sanders +3000 +1600 +1200 +275 +375 +425 +250 +500
Hillary Clinton +5000 +10000 +6000 +8000 +6600 +5000 +5000 +5000

Odds as of March 16 at Bovada

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