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Yea Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, Bob Odenkirk and other Hollywood actors who promised to leave the country for Canada “triggered” by Trump’s election put out a desperate plea to Electoral College delegates who hold the fate of America’s presidency in their hands.

“Vote your conscience.”

Sure, “vote your conscience” is Hollywood code for “vote for Hillary Clinton,” the only candidate who can actually defeat Donald Trump.

Well, theoretically: Electoral College delegates are actually long-time party loyalists. Also, state legislatures—mostly controlled by Republicans—can overrule “faithless electors” or otherwise bind electors to voting for the state’s popular vote winner. (However, penalties are scant for defying such laws.)
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The Hollywood actors may believe they are leading a popular cause, but they’re in for a surprise: People so far aren’t fans of Unite for Hillary Unite for America’s activism. The YouTube video is being blasted with “dislikes”:
Hollywood liberals taking negative PR flak for a hopeless cause? Talk about making America great again.

Hey Hollywood elite get ready for a boycott





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