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A few days ago we wrote that chronic lying Trump-hater, Kathy Griffin claimed:

‘I was sent to the #COVID19 isolation ward in a major hospital ER from a separate urgent care facility after showing UNBEARABLY PAINFUL symptoms.

‘The hospital couldn’t test me for #coronavirus because of CDC (Pence task force) restrictions.’

So here’s this D-List (D as in Dimwitted) wanna be a star saying she could not get tested for the virus due to CDC restrictions even though she was at a ‘major‘ hospital.

In our article “Kathy Griffin Rushed to the ER Claims She Can’t Be Tested For Coronavirus Because Of Trump,” we wrote:

Shockingly, NOT Shockingly, Kathy Griffin doesn’t mention which hospital she was rushed to, she only mentions that it’s a “MAJOR” hospital

It’ll be interesting to see if Kathy Griffin starts tweeting from home within a few days.

I’m pretty sure if the Hospital has her Quarantined in a ward that has other COVID-19 victims she would not be released for at least 14-days.


Now, here’s what really happened…Kathy Griffin LIED

Kathy Griffin told The Los Angeles Times on Thursday afternoon that she was now at home with a stomach infection after being hospitalized over concerns that she had COVID-19 symptoms.

So this Trump-Hating POS had gas, and a tummy ache but she cried President Trump’s lying to the American people because she couldn’t be tested for Coronavirus?

Griffin said she recently returned from a Mexican vacation and experienced intense abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and a cough.

She said she was eventually directed to the emergency room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and placed in its coronavirus isolation ward.

An x-ray revealed her lungs were clear and a scan revealed she had an abdominal infection, Griffin said. A doctor still wanted to administer a test for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, because some of her symptoms fit the illness, according to the comedian.

But, she claimed, the her doctor said she couldn’t because of guidelines issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So why did the CDC issue guidelines on when people should be tested for COVID-19?

Because of moronic La La Land liberal jackasses like Kathy Griffin, who goes down to Mexico, drinks the water, and is shocked when she comes back farting uncontrollably.

I highly doubt her doctor after seeing her lungs were clear, and knowing she just returned from Mexico, wanted to administer a COVID-19 test, since the lungs is where the Coronavirus strikes.

Despite the fact it was clear Kathy Griffin is a lying POS, and her story had more holes than Swiss Cheese, the media pounced on the story.

USA Today wrote a story headlined, “Kathy Griffin, self-isolating after hospital visit, wasn’t able to get coronavirus test.”

And of course, anyone in the media who threw Kathy Griffin a ‘Orange Man Bad’ pity-party, will never do a follow-up reporting the truth about this La la Land POS lying about President Trump.

The most annoying thing about this Coronavirus crisis has been having to watch attention-seeking, mostly D-list celebrities, are using this pandemic in an attempt to make themselves relevant again.

But what far more repugnant is the fact that despite Coronavirus having killed thousands of people. As long as these La La Land liberal loons shriek ‘orange man bad’ the fake news media goes right along with their reprehensible theatrics.


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