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It would seem that there are a disproportionate number of politicians that say awful things about President Trump that later find themselves embroiled in scandals of their own.

You could almost form a new football league with them, and that’s including the water boys and popcorn vendors in the stands.

Flint, Michigan is certainly somewhere that is not immune to this. Just look at the crap that they have had going on the past couple of years with the water. It’s absolutely shameful in this country we have something like that going on in a part of the country that at one time was so significant to one of our major industries.

Many cities strive to become well known nationally, but Flint, Michigan, has recently found itself on the map for some very dire reasons. Flint became infamous for having drinking water so terrible it was literally poisoning its residents — and more and more, it looks like corruption is the root cause.

Flint, located 70 miles northwest of Detroit and once home to a thriving automotive industry, saw its population nearly drop in half since its peak in 1960.

All the while, the increasingly crime-ridden city has had nothing but Democrat mayors since 1975 … yet those liberals have consistently pointed fingers at Republicans for the area’s problems.

You’d think that after decades of watching a once-proud city turn into a hellhole under Democrat leadership, Flint’s residents would at least try a different tune. But no: In 2015 they once again elected a liberal, Karen Weaver, as mayor.

Predictably, Weaver has been a vocal anti-Trump critic from the start, while also blaming conservatives at the capitol in Lansing for almost every issue under the sun.

Back in 2017, the liberal mayor slammed President Trump over Puerto Rico hurricane relief and voiced her solidarity with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

In a twist of irony, however, both Cruz and Weaver are now facing serious scandals over how they handled their respective emergencies. In both Puerto Rico and Flint, there are signs that corruption and incompetence are rampant … and Trump may end up having the last laugh.

Weaver is now accused of using the Flint water crisis for personal gain by re-directing donations to a political fund she controlled.

“Mayor Karen Weaver asked employees to redirect charitable donors to a nonprofit fund she created shortly after taking office in 2015, an ex-city official testified during a federal whistleblower trial in Detroit on Wednesday,” MLive reported.

The Democrat mayor, of course, is denying the allegations and doing her best to deflect the public relations nightmare, but many observers aren’t buying her story.

“They got slick,” community activist Arthur Woodson bluntly told MLive. “They were trying to steal the money.”

Slick is certainly the right word. If the accusations are correct, Weaver used her emergency declaration during the peak of the water crisis in 2015 as a catalyst to receive a significant amount of money from sympathetic donors trying to help the city’s residents. The way those donations were handled is what first raised eyebrows.

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