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Two Kansas teenagers were arrested when police stopped their truck and found more than 80 improvised explosive devices (IED) inside the vehicle.


Residents of Hutchinson, Kansas had been calling police for weeks to report that they heard explosions nearby, The Hutchinson News reported.

On Feb. 8, authorities got a tip that someone was driving around town with a truck full of IEDs.

“We did some investigative work on it and found out who owned the vehicle,” South Hutchinson Police Chief Dean Harcrow explained. “We located it around State Street and Poplar Street and a traffic stop was initiated.”

When they stopped the vehicle, police found it was occupied by two 18-year-old men, Bryce Bontrager and Andrew Hoffman who had more than 80 IEDs with them.

Bryce Bontrager and Andrew Hoffman

Officers discovered a plastic tote full of bomb-making materials, as well as 82 bombs that had already been assembled, The Hutchinson News reported.

“The ATF considered them to be IEDs,” Chief Harcrow said. “They said 72 of them were the equivalent of a quarter stick of dynamite and 10 of them equaled a half stick of dynamite. They were making them at a residence out in the county and selling them individually to other individuals in Reno County.”

The area around the stopped vehicle was shut down by police and nearby residents were evacuated while agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) Wichita office processed the crime scene.

The suspects also had a plastic tub full of extra bomb-making supplies with them in the truck.

“They were ordering stuff off the internet to make them,” Chief Harcrow said. “They included powdered potassium chlorate and aluminum powder in cardboard tubes. They had fuses.”


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