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Vice President-elect Kamala Harris plagiarizes MLK as she supposedly recalling one of her childhood memory, that ironically Martin Luther King Jr. had already told in 1965.
Well, at least the queen of ‘pandering to blacks’ proved she’s learned one thing from her soon-to-be boss President-Elect Joe Biden, who, as many of you know, happens to be the king of political plagiarizers.
Social media sleuths spotted some uncanny similarities between pandering to blacks queen Kamala Harris’ “personal” anecdotes and one told by the civil rights leader in 1965.
Making her look even more clownish is the fact that when MLK Jr. told his story in January 1965, Kamala Harris, was less than three-months-old.

Queen of Pandering To Blacks Gets Caught

Harris’ apparent plagiarism was noticed on Monday, when it was pointed out that during an interview with Elle magazine over the fall, Harris told a story that is nearly identical to a memory shared by Dr. King some 56 years ago in a sit-down with Playboy.

While speaking with Elle in October, Harris relayed what she claimed was a personal tale from her youth, explaining that during the first civil rights march she attended as a young child, she was separated from her parents after falling out of her stroller.

“My mother tells the story about how I’m fussing,” Harris told the magazine. “And she’s like ‘Baby, what do you want? What do you need?’ And I just looked at her and said: ‘Fweedom.’”

However, Kamala Harris’ story was laughably similar to an anecdote told by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during a 1965 Playboy interview – namely of a young girl’s endearing mispronunciation of the word Fee-dom. at a civil rights rally.

Kamala Harris Plagiarizes MLK Jr.

Kamala Harris Plagiarizes MLK

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  1. That is all Democrats know how to do. Take all that’s good, and manipulate it to suit their twisted purpose. Kamel-Toe is nothing but a liar on so many levels

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