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Kamala Harris campaigning in Tucson, Arizona blatantly lied when she repeated the debunked Trump called Charlottesville white supremacists “very fine people.”

Maybe I’m slow but it seems to me that if according to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats in general, feel Donald Trump is evil personified…Then how come they need to keep lying?

In fact, in his YouTube 2020 announcement, Joe Biden launched his whole presidential campaign on this lie that accused Trump of calling Charlottesville neo-Nazis, and white supremacist’s “very fine people”

But despite this falsehood being debunked dozens of times by such liberal-bias fake news trump-supporters (LOL) such as CNN, and the New York Times.

Campaigning today in Tucson, Arizona, Kamala Harris proved that regardless of the facts the Biden campaign will continue to perpetuate this ‘Very Fine People’ lie.

I can only assume they do this knowing the Democrat sheep will believe them instead of what their eyes and ears tell them.

In an ad launched on Twitter in early 2020, in a highly deceptively edited ad that was condemned for its dishonest messaging. The Biden campaign put out an ad supposedly showing Trump referring to torch-waving white supremacists and neo-Nazis as “very fine people.”

For which Joe Biden went on to label President Trump a “poison to our [national] soul.”

Joe Biden’s Charlottesville Feelings Aren’t Facts

In August, Breitbart News confronted Biden at a press event at the Iowa State Fair and asked him specifically why he continued to misquote Trump.

When they posted the clip of an irate Joe Biden lashing out at the reporter who had the audacity to questioned why Biden kept pushing the Charlottesville lie.

Breitbart to their credit included the Clown News Network Jack Tapper debunking the ‘Very Fine People” dishonesty.



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