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Jordan Peterson hasn’t been shy about how his life was completely turned on his head after he suffered from a paradoxical reaction to the benzodiazepines his Doctor had prescribed him for anxiety.

In fact, his daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, produced an hour-long podcast in which she discussed with her father his traumatic, near-fatal journey overcoming his benzo withdrawal.

You can watch that interview HERE 

But Peterson ripped a recent interview he had done with The Sunday Times on his close call with death and health issues saying: It could not have been worse if he had opened up with “an avowed enemy.”

The clinical psychologist who penned the bestselling “12 Rules for Life” released a nearly three-hour interview with the U.K. publication on YouTube after its weekend profile piece prompted false claims of “schizophrenia.”

“The decision to participate in the Sunday Times interview was also motivated by a desire not so much to publicize the book as to clear the stage so that the book might be made the central topic of any other interviews I might give around its launch time (instead of issues such as my health),” he wrote Monday. “I certainly feel an obligation to work with and for my publishers so that the book’s existence is publicized, and there’s obviously an element of self-interest in that, as well. … So, what would a wise man do?”

The Sunday Times Blatantly Lied About Jordon Peterson Being Diagnosed With Schizophrenia

The health scare required trips around the globe and a medically-induced coma.

“If his rise to fame was dramatic,” Ms. Aitkenhead wrote, “what has happened since he disappeared from public view 18 months ago sounds fantastical — in his daughter’s words it is ‘like a horror movie’. A movie in which her father gets hooked on benzodiazepines, becomes suicidal, is hospitalised for his own safety and then diagnosed with schizophrenia.”

A second mention of schizophrenia failed to mention the family’s insistence that a doctor misdiagnosed Mr. Peterson.

“One of the conversations we had with this psychiatrist he has, he goes, ‘well, we think it’s schizophrenia,’” Mr. Peterson‘s daughter, Mikhaila, says in the full audio released by the family. “And I was like, these symptoms didn’t even start until he started the medications. Okay, so you’re telling me like a mid-50-year-old man with no previous symptoms of schizophrenia suddenly gets schizophrenia, which generally happens late teens for men. It’s not like we’re uneducated on these things. Right? I was like, what?”

Mr. Peterson‘s demand for answers regarding the missing context was not met as of Monday, although he told supporters that he would share the publication’s response.

“I am frankly stunned by the degree of sheer cruelty and spite manifested by your journalist, Decca Aitkenhead, and by the degree of misrepresentation (if that’s what it was) necessary to entice me into speaking as I did with her, with no intention on my part other than to answer the questions she put to me as clearly and honestly as my deeply flawed self could manage,” Mr. Peterson added. “Given the manner in which you crafted your invitation to me, I can’t understand how you can in good conscience accept what transpired.”

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