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Joe Biden is campaigning in Nevada in much the same way he did in Iowa and New Hampshire, where he suffered back-to-back losses that transformed him from frontrunner to underdog.

It’s a testament to the Joe Biden campaign’s sense of confidence — or its state of denial — that it continues to operate as if Nevada will be different for Clueless Joe than the two heavily white states where he was just crushed in.

On Monday, his campaign circulated data that gave them hope from the first day of early caucus voting that showed older voters, Biden’s strength, appeared to be turning out in higher numbers.

The data, according to two campaign insiders, showed that two-thirds of caucusgoers for whom demographic numbers were available were 40 years or older.

Both the Biden and Sanders campaigns are privately forecasting Biden will come in second, according to sources with both campaigns. And both agree Elizabeth Warren poses a threat to Biden.

“Bernie’s people are everywhere,” is a line said word-for-word by three Democratic operatives, including one who supports Biden’s campaign in the state.

“I believe Bernie is gonna win,” said Brian Harris, an activist with the group Independent Black Voices, who showed up Saturday to a Biden campaign stop at Masterpiece Barbershop in North Las Vegas. “Bernie has a better ground game.”

Said an adviser to Biden’s campaign in Nevada: “We feel good about second. We won’t feel good if we don’t come in second.”

Since entering the race in late April, Biden’s campaign has taken as gospel that he has a built-in advantage thanks to his name ID and that people will vote for him based on how much they know and like him.

Early on, Biden’s campaign downplayed the relative lack of energy or big crowds at his events in Iowa and New Hampshire, pointing out that polling still showed him as the frontrunner.

But then Biden collapsed in those states, leaving Nevada as the place where he hopes to change the trajectory of his candidacy.

Now, some of his backers privately fret about the disparity in on-the-ground energy when compared with Sanders, Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar. All of them packed in 1,000-person crowds at Nevada events over the weekend while events organized by Biden’s campaign had only about a quarter of the attendance or less.


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