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The odds of a brokered Democratic Presidential convention have increased significantly after a big win by Joe Biden in South Carolina.


As a result of his overwhelming win in South Carolina, shockingly, Joe Biden now has more primary votes cast for him than Sanders. 

Sorry, Bernie Bros despite Sanders winning two states to Joe Biden’s one, at this moment, Joe Biden is winning the popular vote.

So you can guess who the Democrats ‘most votes wins‘ idiocy is gonna come back and bite them on their ass.

No One Want’s Bernie or His Bros

It’s clear the DNC gave their fake news media cohorts their marching order to ‘Stop Bernie ‘Fidel‘ Sanders at all costs… Even if they need to lie.’

Of course, this should come naturally to the fake news media, considering they’ve been doing that for the past three years with their reporting on President Trump.

In our Super Tuesday Odds Of Winning Story, Sanders is at the moment leading in 10 of the 14 states.

California and Texas will provide major delegates toward Bernie Sander’s primary effort, and he will likely receive additional delegates from strong finishes in every state he doesn’t win.

However, Biden is now going into Super Tuesday with renewed financial backing and a new mission from the DNC.

Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday performance will have nothing to do with the number of states he wins, but rather how many delegates he keeps away from Bernie Sanders putting in his column.

With enough delegates Joe Biden could end any chance that Bernie Sanders has of reaching the 2,376 delegates needed to lock up the Democratic nomination before the DNC convention.

Mini-Mike’s entire campaign revolves around Super-Tuesday.

It now looks like the $500+ million Mike Bloomberg spent on media ads, which includes his upcoming 3-minute long diatribe about coronavirus tonight, will be wasted money.

After his pathetic debate performance, being called out by the AP for his egregious Trump lies, and, of course, the never-ending stream of embarrassing videos.

It’s now become a matter of “When” not “If” Mini-Mike Bloomberg drops out of the 2020 race and concedes defeat and all his voters to Joe Biden.

And Then There Were Two

Super-Tuesday could spell the end of the of the road for the Democratic party riding around in a clown car full of 2020 candidates.

With Tom Steyer already having dropped out after his 3rd place showing in South Carolina, along with Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg packing their bags on Wednesday.

If Mini-Mike Bloomberg face-plants on Super Tuesday as expected he will.

The Democrats will be left with two old white guys suffering from the early onset of dementia duking it out to see who becomes the DNC’s last man held up by his 2020 walker.


The Puppetmaster Trolls the Democrats

After Biden’s big win, President Trump made sure to twist the Mini-Mike loser knife just a little bit more.

Donald Trump Twitter trolling helps nudge the Democrats a little more toward having a brokered convention.

President Trump knows that whoever comes out of the Democrats convention the nominee, it’s a win-win for him.

Of course, everyone on the planet knows if the Democrats have a brokered convention, it means Joe Biden will be the Democrats 2020 nominee for President.

If this happens ‘always a bridesmaid never a bride’ Bernie Sanders will be left at the altar once again, and his Bernie Bros would most assuredly stay home for 2020.

But even if some of Bernie Bros do come out to vote in November.

It’s not hard to imagine them holding their nose and voting for Donald Trump as payback toward the Democrats for yet again stealing the nomination from their beloved simpleminded Socialist.

President Tweet last night hit the nail on the head, indeed “The Best Is Yet To Come’

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