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Joe Biden at CNN’s Town Hall Infomercial for Democrats wasted no time attacking the Second Amendment and responsible Gun Owners.


On Thursday night, CNN put on another production of their ‘Pandering to Democrats‘ Town Hall meetings, this time starring clueless Joe Biden.

Biden promised that he’ll lay waste to the Second Amendment if he’s elected president.

He’ll even go after those clips that have multiple bullets in them.

Clueless Joe claimed he met with the parents of the Sandy Hook children that were horrifically killed by a deranged POS, and also with the ‘March For Our Lives” phonies.

But watching the video you could just tell that old Clueless was just a wee bit hesitant about the part about meeting the Parkland kids.

This leads me to believe this was just another Joe Biden tall tale.

I won’t bother investigating it, because after all the gaffes Joe Biden’s made, his #1,467,897th lie won’t matter much.

Watch Joe Biden talking nonsense about the Democrats favorite go-to subject:

Joe Biden Lied… Yes, We Know You’re Shocked

What I found two things hysterical about Joe Biden bloviating that he has fought tooth and nail to outlaw assault weapons and adds on’s that make guns so dangerous in the hands of criminals.

One: Despite the National Rifle Association (NRA) calling for regulations on ‘Bump Stocks’, the Obama administration, not once, but twice approved the use of ‘Bump Stocks’ without any regulations on them.

Of course, in 2017 ‘Bump Stocks’ were a major factor in a POS killer being able to kill 58 innocent people and injured more than 500 min Las Vegas.

So where was Joe Biden when Obama approved bump stocks?

BTW President Trump did what Obama failed to do and outlawed bump stocks.

Two: Joe Biden’s claiming that he was able to outlaw assault rifles.

Yes, Joe Biden was in office when Congress banned assault rifles.

But what Joe Biden and the Democrats always fail to mention is the fact that despite a 10-year-ban on these weapons.

It had NO IMPACT on reducing the amount of gun violence, or lessen the amount of shootings.


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