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In Charleston, South Carolina, Joe Biden once again invoked the debunked “very fine people” hoax to attack President Trump at a rally in a half-empty college gym.


Wow! Talk about having a flashback, a Joe Biden spewing a debunked Trump lie to a half-empty gymnasium. 

It was like watching the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 all over again.

The Joe Biden South Carolina rally was intended to show support ahead of Tuesday night’s Democrat debate, and Saturday’s Democratic caucuses.

Biden knows the Palmetto State is his last chance to prove to Democratic voters that he can defeat the Socialist who’s currently in the driver’s seat of the Democrats clown car of 2020 candidates.

Biden is counting on his support among black voters, but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has been catching up, and that’s making poor old Joe’s hair pugs fall out of his head.

And based on the level of enthusiasm during this Joe Biden rally, things aren’t looking good for old clueless Joe.

Only about 200 people showed up on Monday night, standing in a circle in a half-empty gymnasium at the College of Charleston.

Joe Biden Half empty gym


Joe Biden Pushing The “very fine people” Lie

Biden for the gazillionth time tried to claim that Trump called neo-Nazis and white supremacists who rioted in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017 “very fine people.”

In fact, the transcript of Trump’s remarks shows clearly that he said they should be “condemned totally.” 

President Trump used the phrase “very fine people” to refer specifically to non-violent protesters, left and right, on either side of the question of whether a historic Confederate statue should be removed from a local park.

Even CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to explain the facts to the tone-deaf Democrats:

As we reported in Aug 2019 Breitbart News reporter Joel Pollak confronted the Democrat 2020 hopeful while Clueless Joe was stumping at the Iowa State Fair.

At the fair, Clueless Joe repeated the Charlottesville lie where the Delusional Democrats still won’t accept that President Trump DID NOT call neo-Nazi white Supremest “very fine people on both side”


Clueless Joe In South Carolina

If the President is so heinous that it has Hillary Clinton calling Donald Trump “A clear and present danger to Democracy.” while she’s promoting her “Hillary” Hulu infomercial at the Berlin film festival.

That one would think that after a year of Joe Biden regurgitating the debunked Charlottesville lie he would start campaigning on something evil that President Trump actually did.

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