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Joe Biden appearing on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ charged that President Donald Trump needs to “Take Responsibility” and is also “going so slowly” in getting the testing and medical equipment that America needs.

After Joe Scarborough stated that not only President Trump but the head of the HHS whose in charge of the testing kits said it’s impossible to get the 5 million tests produced a day that Democrats insanely claim is what’s needed for America to reopen.

Scarborough asked Joe Biden ‘Going forward what advice would he give to Trump?

Biden immediately screeched ‘Trump Must Take Responsibility.’

Biden then stated that Trump needs to use the Defense Production Act (DPA) to force companies into producing whatever medical supplies that would be needed for the guaranteed Coronavirus second wave in the fall.

Of course, Biden knows full well Trump has used the DPA already.

As he must also know that the President Trump has stated on many occasions during his daily White House Press briefings that:

‘In most cases, I don’t have to sign a DPA. Just the threat of me doing so is enough to make companies comply. But if they don’t do what’s right for the American people, then I have no problem signing the Executive Order compelling them to do so. But I’d rather everyone remains friendly and we all work together.’

Joe Biden’s Spewing His Trump-Hate Idiocy Is Laughable

Biden’s bloviating about Trump not being more of a dictator is laughable because, in July 2009, months before the H1N1 vaccine would be needed in the fall to stave off the expected second wave of the Swine Flu.

The Obama/Biden administration knew that American vaccine makers were struggling to make enough vaccine doses to meet Obama’s announced amount of 120 million doses bu the end of August.


In April 2009 the moment a novel strain of swine flu emerged in America, President Obama and Vice-President Biden assured the nation that their administration would not be caught flat-footed in the event of a deadly pandemic.

The official word from the Obama White House in July 2009, was that the swine flu outbreak was not a cause for alarm. And they would have 120 million doses of H1N1 vaccine available by the end of August.

Wow, So Obama tried to give hope to the American people but after Trump did something similar, the press labeled him an ‘Orange haired buffoon who rejects science.’

The media’s blatant Trump-Hate hypocrisy is clearly evident when comparing the exact times when each President was reassuring Americans that their administration had the situation under control:

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When August rolled around that 120-million doses Obama promised was lowered to 40 million doses, and then lowered again and later lowered again.

Similar to what happened to the Trump administration in 2020, when a manufacturer’s error caused a delay in producing Coronavirus test kits.

In 2009, the manufacturing process caused a delay in producing the millions of H1N1 / swine flu vaccine shots that America would be desperately needed in the fall.

The World Health Organization warned Obama that manufacturers were only able to produce a third of the usual amount of doses that they would normally make for the seasonal flu.

Despite Joe Biden now claiming that he would use the Defense Production Act if he was President.

Did the Obama /Biden administration enact the DPA to force other medical laboratories to make up the shortfall in the number of vaccines…NO!

Instead of doing something to address the vaccine shortfall in vaccine shots, Obama and Biden blamed the manufacturers. 

During the daily White House press briefings, Obama’s Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, placed all the blame squarely on the vaccine manufacturers:

 ‘It’s not our fault. Manufacturers assured us the vaccine would be ready, and it’s not.

 It’s not like our administration is out back producing the vaccine.’

In late October 2009, Two months after Obama claimed America would have 120 million H1N1 Vaccine doses.

Obama sent his Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius out to defend the administration’s utter failure.

Sebelius somehow tried to take credit about the Obama administration now having 23.2 million doses available…Which INCLUDED the 9 million doses they produced that week.

In reality 8-weeks after promising to have 120 million doses, by mid-October, they only had 14.5 million vaccinations available.

And today, the media is crying about Donald Trump not being able to produce 5-million test kits a day?

Sebelius went on to state that the Obama administration’s only failure was due to President Obama accepting the manufacturers’ assurances they would meet their target.

But then Sebelius immediately absolved the Obama / Biden administration of any wrongdoing because the matter was beyond the government’s control, saying:

“If we could wave a magic wand or have the tools in our government shop to fix this, I think there would be a different expectation.”

What kind of leadership did Joe Biden show America during the Swine Flu Pandemic?

As we showed above, Obama and Biden were not only doing far worse than anything Clueless Joe is accusing Trump of doing.

Since Obama and Biden were far more interested in distancing themselves from any of their Swine Flu faux pas’. 

Then they were in fixing the vaccine shortage problem that if not corrected would result in thousands of Americans dying.

So What was Joe Biden doing during the summer of 2009 as they were supposedly preparing America for the second wave of the swine flu?

      • Was Vice-President Joe Biden taking responsibility for his administrations’ lack of vaccine doses? NO!
      • Was Vice-President Joe Biden pushing President Obama to use the Defense Protection Act to force other medical laboratories to make up the shortfall in Swine Flue vaccine shots? NO!
      • Was Vice-President Joe Biden showing America that the Obama administration had the situation well in hand? NO!

In July 2009, appearing on NBC’s Today show, Vice-President Joe Biden was asked:

Despite President Obama’s assurances, should Americans panic over the approaching second wave of the H1N1 /Swine Flu?

Joe Biden laughably stabbed his administration in the back when he stated:

“I would tell members of my family — and I have — I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now.

When one person sneezes, it goes all the way through the aircraft.”

This statement was so true, that Obama forced Joe Biden to retract it by the end of the day.

New York Post Columnist James Lileks described Joe Biden’s response to the Swine Flu Pandemic this way:

Those who saw Dick Cheney as an evil genius crouched silently in the shadows of the Oval Office like Nosferatu must enjoy Biden’s high profile: he’s out there daily with the sunny enthusiasm of Ronald McDonald opening another store. And, quite often, telling everyone to have a Whopper.

Despite Joe Biden’s claiming to be the leader, America needs in this time of crisis.

In 2009, Joe Biden had his opportunity to show America what type of leader he was.

And when our nation needed Joe Biden the most, and he came off looking like Obama’s sideshow clown.

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