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In a blatant attempt to appease the Democrats’ radical leftist base, and also giving him an excuse not to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ about ‘Packing the court.’ Joe Biden is now declaring that if elected President, he’ll appoint a bipartisan (*wink-*wink) commission to reform the Supreme Court system because he claims “it’s getting out of whack”.

Of course, if the Supreme Court leaned left, instead of right, then Joe Biden, and the Democrats would be screeching that there is no need for any reform because the Supreme Court is perfect.

The former veep pushed the proposal in an interview with “60 Minutes” that’s set to air in full on Sunday — nine days before the election, saying:

“If elected, what I will do is I’ll put together a national commission of – bipartisan commission of scholars, constitutional scholars, Democrats, Republicans, liberal, conservative,” 

“And I will ask them to over 180 days come back to me with recommendations as to how to reform the court system because it’s getting out of whack – the way in which it’s being handled and it’s not about court packing.”

Biden added, “There’s a number of other things that our constitutional scholars have debated and I’ve looked to see what recommendations that commission might make.”

Joe Biden Bend The Knee To ‘Pack The Supreme Court’ Radial Left

After the death of Ruth Badar Ginsberg, Democrats were outraged that President Trump had the audacity to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Knowing that they could do nothing to stop Barrett from getting confirmed. The radical left mandated that if Joe Biden wins the Presidency, and the Democrats regain control of the Senate, he MUST immediately increase the number of SCOTUS Justices to offset the Conservatives 6-3 advantage.

Since then Joe Biden dodged the court-packing question, going so far as to reprehensibly declare that “They [Americans] will know my position on court-packing when the election is over.”

But despite in 2020 Joe Biden dodging the question, that wasn’t always the case as he openly dismissed the idea of packing the court for decades.

In 1983, Joe Biden declared during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, that Franklin Delano Roosevelt‘s idea of packing the Supreme Court was “a boneheaded idea”

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