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I can’t imagine the explosive yield of the mainstream media’s heads exploding if President Trump called the Ebola Virus “Whatever Happened In Africa” or repeatedly called the Coronavirus N1H1, H1N1, Ebola.

But the Democrats two old white men on the verge of having dementia 2020 candidates did just that during last nights Democratic Presidential Debate.

Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have been extremely critical of President Trump’s response to the coronavirus. Crazy Joe thinks the key to fighting the pandemic is opening our borders and removing all travel restriction because they are racist. Comrade Bernie believes a socialist revolution will do the virus in. As it turns out neither of these senile old coots have any idea what the coronavirus is, and they proved it in Sunday night’s debate.

Because of the coronavirus, the unanticipated debate between Biden and Sanders was moved to a secure location with no audience. They then proceeded to prove that neither of them has any idea what the coronavirus is or should ever be in charge of anything, especially the United States of America.

Here’s crazy Joe confusing the f*ck out of every viral outbreak in recent history:

“We can do that. We did that with the, we been through this before with the coronavirus. We been through this before, excuse me, we been through this before with the, dealing with the N1H1 vies, as well as what happened in Africa,” said Biden.

So Biden says we’ve been through the coronavirus, then corrects himself be saying what we’ve really been through is the “N1H1” virus. What he presumably meant was the H1N1 virus, AKA the swine flu. Then again, maybe he made up a new viral outbreak that is unrelated to anything in the real world. Also, yes, Biden said “vies” when he was trying to say “virus.”

Finally, Biden can’t remember the name of “Ebola’ so he calls it that thing that “happened in Africa.” Luckily, Bernie Sanders remembered the name of Ebola, he just didn’t apply to anything relevant:

He meant to say “coronavirus” while claiming we need socialism to stop communicable diseases. At least I think that what he meant. maybe not because he went full-Ebola again.

“And the Ebola crisis is also exposing the cruelty and the injustice of our economy,” Bernie said.

Man, Ebola is a motherf*cker. According to Bernie, this disease not only proves the we need socialized medicine but also the we need to destroy capitalism and replace it with socialism. That seems weird for an obscure disease that hasn’t been an issue in years.

Apparently this debate was a contest to settle who is the oldest and least lucid. It seemed like it was going to be draw, but then Biden pulled out the win by saying because of the coronavirus he no longer touches his face, right after he touched his face.

When asked what he’s doing to protect himself, Biden said, “Thank God, for the time being, as my mother would say, ‘knock on wood’ I’m in good health” as Crazy Joe knuckled his own forehead. Not long after he said, “I make sure I don’t touch my face.”

Joe doesn’t know what state he’s in, what office he’s running for, or what year it is, so it stands to reason that he doesn’t know knocking on his forehead is touching his face.

Both Sanders and Biden are critical of President Trump’s response to the coronavirus because they are liberals and that’s what they do: freak the hell out no matter what he does. President Trump however at least knows that it’s the coronavirus and not Ebola or swine flu, so maybe he’s in a better position to deal with the outbreak than a couple senile leftist walking corpses.


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