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It took 32-years but Joe Biden finally got his first victory, and it came during the 2020 South Carolina Democratic primary.


Joe Biden who previously ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and 2008, but did not win a single state. 

But Biden finally broke his 0 for 32 years losing streak last night in the 2020 South Carolina Democratic Primary.

Before being chosen as Barack Obama’s running mate in 2008, Clueless Joe represented Delaware in the Senate for more than three decades.

This time around, the 78-year-old gaffed his way into a fourth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, fifth place in the New Hampshire primary and fourth in the Nevada caucuses.

Many media outlets were calling South Carolina Joe Biden’s last great hope to remain relevant among the Democrats Clown Car of 2020 candidates.

Joe Biden’s win could work to blunt front-runner Bernie Sanders’ Socialist momentum heading into Super Tuesday when 14 states and American Samoa weigh in on the race.

Only Joe Biden and California billionaire Tom Steyer, who we reported dropped out of the 2020 race, planned to mark primary night in the Palomino state.

As for the rest of the field of Delusional Democrats, they stumped across the spectrum of Super Tuesday states that vote on March 3rd.

Among the Top Issues South Carolinians Chose As Their Reason For Voting:

  • 40 percent of voters picked health care as the top issue.
  • 22% said the economy and jobs were most important.
  • Only 14% percent identified climate change, despite the Democrats fearmongering that it was America’s uppermost concern.

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